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samsung galaxy rugby pro

  1. River Dweller

    Hot & slow

    Rugby pro getting very hot now and slower than dialup, any ideas?
  2. wtheu3976

    Exporting contacts to SIM card

    According to the manual, you can export the contacts to the SIM card. On my phone I don't even get the option. I can export to the SD card but not the SIM. Any ideas? Or, would anyone know where the contacts are stored physically? The phone is rooted so I can access all files, just don't know...
  3. River Dweller

    Help Rugby pro lagggging, like a pro!

    I'm so sorry, new to this forum. My husband has an AT&T samsung galaxy rugby pro sgh-1547, android version 4.1.2 softwear is up to date. Ok, this "pro" aside from the need to shut down all the useless preinstalled apps every few hours (because at&t doesn't want us to have root access) the phone...
  4. M

    Root adding CWM to rooted phone

    Ok I'm hoping I just overthinking this and it's a simple fix. So following a article I read I rooted my Rugby Pro with Towelroot. Fast and simple. Added SuperSU and it seems to work but keep giving the notification that the "SU binary needs to be updated". When I go to update I get a message...
  5. O

    Help Running Rugby without a battery

    I have a Rugby I no longer use. I want to recycle my phone but want to erase the files first. My problem is the battery is dead. Any way to start/run a Rugby without a battery?
  6. A

    Android Version

    Mine shows 4.12, and has for a long time, is this the most current. I run an update check which says it is but ...
  7. J

    Help No longer have option to sync contacts??

    While trying to fix some issues with syncing I intended to delete and reinstall the gmail account but deleted and reinstalled google instead. Now I have lost my gmail contacts on the phone (they still appear in gmail online). I tried to go into the gmail account on the phone and make sure that...
  8. T

    Accessories Samsung Ruby Pro SGH-I547. charging case?

    I have a Samsung Ruby Pro SGH-I547 that i use for work, and i have been scouring for a charging case and have not been able to find one. Does anyone know of anywere that sells a charging case for this phone? or any other options to extend the battery? Ive already bought a bigger mah rated...
  9. A

    so apparently there was an update

    sadly all i can find about it are "android os enhancements"... still 4.1.2
  10. C

    USB storage message

    Hey guys recently Im not able to take screen shots of banking recites I get a USB storage message, any other screen shots are fine any ideas?
  11. P

    Help Alternate Way to Activate USB Mode

    I'm in a bit of a predicament. My Samsung Rugby Pro recently broke, and I wanted to get old pictures off of it. Let me define "broke": the screen is black and cracked, but the phone is still on (I can tell by lights on the three pushable buttons on the bottom of the phone and booting audio)...
  12. D

    Help someone hacking my dads phone

    Hi all, I am hoping you can help me by guiding me to what I need to do to hopefully stop my problem. Phone is a Samsung Rugby Pro Through telus anything else? So here is the story. My dad works for a logging co. and stays out in camp for 2 weeks at a time, all last logging season, (...
  13. H

    Help Roms compatible with rugby pro

    Hi. I just rooted my phone and I am currently on the stock 4.1.2 firmware. Theres only one custom rom for the rugby pro that I saw and there's no wifi. Is there any other phones that are compatible with the rugby pro that I flash their roms on this phone without bricking it?
  14. A

    Help phone gets hot and goes full derp

    occasionally my phone will become unusably slow, when it does it always goes along with the phone getting very warm to the touch and a massive battery drain almost always this includes a notable uptick in google services battery usage this is becoming all too common (at least once a day...
  15. S

    Root How can I increase Available amount of RAM?

    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro on AT&T network. At times I am using 750 of 800 MB of available RAM which really slows down my phone. When it reaches 0 MB of available RAM my phone often crashes and does an automatic restart or sometimes I have to manually restart it. I looked up all the...
  16. H

    Rugby Pro Group Messaging

    I cant reply to a group message. I've looked at all the settings and cant find where to reply to all. Can anyone help???? Thanks in advance.
  17. R

    Help samsung galaxy rugby pro call problem

    when I place a call the person on the other end can't hear me. anyone know how to fix this?
  18. D

    Root Upgrading Operating system

    Are there any safe or reletivily safe roms that would allow me to get a more recent version of andriod than 4.1.2? Looking to stretch out the usefulness of my phone. My phone is rooted, so I am all good there.
  19. M

    Root List of APKs that are safe to remove (debloat)

    Any Canadian here using Telus Rugby Pro LTE? I have a Rugby Pro from Telus. It's already rooted and I have deleted (after backing it up) unwanted apks and odexs. It is already a bit faster than what it used to. I wanted to know if there are other I can remove safely. Here is the list of APKs...
  20. M

    Root Which files go where?

    Hello, I've only rooted one phone before and I made it into a bit of a headache but thanks to a moderator I got through it. But on to my new phone and I want to make sure I'm following directions before I start and gum something simple up by over thinking it again... Phone: Samsung Rugby Pro...
  21. B

    Help Stuck in Safe Mode

    My Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro running 4.1.2 boots into safe mode automatically. I was having troubles with my volume keys being VERY sensitive a few days ago and at some point I restarted my phone. What I think happened is due to them being super sensitive, my down volume bbutton was being pressed...
  22. A

    vibration settings

    is there any way without rooting/flashing to get this phone to have a long pulse vibration for calls and a simple two short pulses for notifications? i'm not at all a fan of the long pulse for notifications when all my other phones did the 2 short ones
  23. C

    Sd card issue

    My Galaxy rugby pro is no longer giving me the option to move apps to the sd card. Any ideas?
  24. G

    Wi Fi

    I keep losing all my wi-fi passwords and have to keep typing them in manually, anyone have any idea's why? Thanks
  25. C

    Help My phone's intermittent latency renders it useless. Help?

    Every so often, my phone decides to run with all the speed of someone with two broken legs. I tap the screen or push the buttons; nothing happens. The LED's at the bottom normally light up briefly upon touching the screen/using buttons, indicating that it received my input; when this happens...