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samsung galaxy stellar

  1. V

    Help help!

    However, when I boot up the phone, it only shows the samsung logo, and then the screen goes blank. However, the Verizon sound does come in the background. What can I do?
  2. V

    Root Help!!!

    However, when I boot up the phone, it only shows the samsung logo, and then the screen goes blank. However, the Verizon sound does come in the background. What can I do?
  3. thedigi321

    custom roms or samsung galaxy legend (aka the prepaid stellar) 4.1.2

    hello im on jelly bean 4.1.2 and i am looking for custom roms for samsung galaxy legend and i am having no luck. is there any roms for that particular version of the galaxy line or and i up a creek without a paddle so to speak? or am i totally in left field looking for custom roms to change the...
  4. J

    Root update to 4.1.2

    is there anyway to update the phone to 4.1.2 without active service? i have a phone with a bad esn that i want to use as a wifi only device, but it wont let me update without active service. im currently on 4.0.4 anyone?
  5. F

    Root Fully bricked Samsung Galaxy Stellar

    Hello, I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Stellar from this site (awesome that I rooted it :)) But I messed up. I think around Android firmware 2.2 you were able to install apps to your SD card, I think that ended around 2.2 not sure but all I know Is that on 4.1 you couldn't do that, so I went on the...
  6. E

    Help Verizon Legend shuts off AFTER call

    Samsung legend is Verizon prepaid 3g version of the stellar. When call finished the screen shuts off. One guess is that the phone counts on call time as no activity and then times out. This was common problem a long time ago but this is current phone sold at best buy. They do no know how to fix.
  7. B

    help with finishing root

    i have most of my samsung stellar rooted up to the part where i have to #3. open command prompt, it won't open. it flashes on the screen and that's it. i need to finish the update. i would greatly apperciate any help on this subject
  8. D

    Root My Stellar is freezing a few seconds after it reaches the lockscreen.

    I just got my phone rooted last night with some chinese rooting app, and I pushed clockworkmods Superuser to system/app. I didn't really have any problems until I pushed the app. I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, but if I do too much at once on the phone, or open an app shortcut that...
  9. N

    Help Stellar totally frozen, tried fixing all day, nothing working

    Hi, sorry that I am unfamiliar with this forum and if I mess up on format or anything but I'm super frazzled right now. Anyway, I had my phone plugged in to charge overnight as I always do and when I woke up (much later than anticipated, as my phone alarm didn't go off) I checked it and the...
  10. B

    Help SMS Recovery without Root?

    Hi, I don't understand how to root my stellar 4.1.2 phone and all I want to do is to recover deleted texts. The reason why I cannot understand the rooting is because the links are broken, I don't have time to research, and I do not want to delete any data that is on my phone. Could someone...
  11. B

    Help Very basic Samsung stellar Root guide?

    Hi, I have a Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Stellar operationg on Android 4.1.2. I would like to root it so I can recover deleted texts. I am confused about the process and I do not want to ruin my phone. Is there a very basic and simple way to root the phone at least temporarily? Could someone...
  12. G

    Help My Galaxy stellar does not ask for an unlock code says non verizon sim card

    I have an Samsung Galaxy Stellar SCH-I200 Verizon Rooted Just want to move it to Straighttalk put the sim in it doesnt give me the sim unlock screen. just says non-Verizon sim card. I dont really want to pay for an unlock code to a person who I am sure would just steal my identitity...
  13. T

    Help IMEI is 0 Can it be recovered?

    I Google often and rarely post but I cannot find a way to recover the IMEI for this phone. I was told it was the Galaxy Legend, but I believe Stellar is interchangeable. It reads 0 in my android settings, literally never used either.
  14. J

    Help Galaxy legend fail root, now phone thinks its a Stellar! =/

    so my friend told me that i could root my phone (samsung galaxy legend) by using the Galaxy stellar root. tried it, and it said failed. so i got out of downloading mode and it started by loading up normal but said something like .android stopped working every 2 seconds. so i tried to factory...
  15. M

    Root So...yeah..

    Have all the developers ditched this phone? I'm tempted to ditch this device as well for a Note 3, just for the simple fact no roms are being made, what's the deal guys... :(
  16. D

    Android 2.3.6 Ginger bread?

    Is it possible to downgrade from Jelly Bean 4.1.2 to ginger bread 2.3.6 on galaxy stellar?
  17. H

    Root need help badly

    Im new to rooting and I wanna root my galaxy stellar. Ive tried odin and superoneclick but norhing seems to work. Can someone link me to an 100 working method that has been tested. And I have 4.1.2 and ME1
  18. O

    TWRP for legend via odin?

    does anyone know if flashing twrp via odin will work on the legend ?
  19. uknow

    working root method for samsung galaxy legend (sch-i200pp)4.1.2

    i have done this my self im not the dev but if you google it you will find all about it im now going to find a way to get twrp for this device (this may work for Samsung Galaxy Stellar 4G LTE as well) https://www.dropbox.com/s/34j4nbtd9vgzqxj/Impactor_0.9.14.zip update:if you have updated to...
  20. S

    Root Looking for a straight forward answer.

    Sorry everyone but I've sifted through all the threads and internet and have seen nothing but conflicting posts. To my question, Is it possible to root a Samsung Stellar? Currently running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Thanks in advance. Mike
  21. Z

    Root Now uploaded :D . Found a program that roots 4.1.2 jellybean . I200VRBMA1

    It has been brought to my attention that the program and/or app might be malicious in a way. (Maybe blocking the programs internet access through your firewall?) Please be cautious. Don't take a risk if its not worth it.
  22. hitesh123

    Root [Help] [expirement ] [need info ] Stellar rom on Legend !

    Hi, I am just wondering, have any one tried putting stellar ODIN pacakge on Legend. As both phone are almost same, only difference is one is prepaid and one is postpaid. any one with experiment already done ? Will it brick ? will it make legend a stellar. Wanted to do this , as on stellar I can...
  23. T

    Verizon Samsung Legend SCH-1200PP

    Hey Guys, anybody know if the rooting software available here will work on this Verizon Phone? It's Similar to the Steller just the prepaid 3g version. Thanks
  24. A

    Help My lock/power button won't work at all!

    My lock/power button will NOT work. I've had this phone since March and just now have had problems. A few weeks ago, my phone started waking up and etc on its own, which wasn't really on its own because if I BARELY touched the power button, it would recognize it as being pressed, and wake up...
  25. K

    Root How do you root a samsung galaxy stellar?

    Ive been all over the internet trying to find a way to root my stellar! Tried: SuperOneClickRoot NoxiousNinja's method Plz help im on 4.1.2 if that makes any difference.