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samsung galaxy tab 3 7

  1. KingOfTheNet

    [ANSWERED] Screen Color problem after installing Cyanogenmod 11 on Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Kids (SM-T2105)

    I was working on my brothers tablet he got awhile back because he would complain that its "too slow to play any games or watch any videos". To fix this problem, I rooted, installed TWRP, and installed Cyanogenmod 11. After installing the new rom, all the colors look off, i've looked through the...
  2. C

    Urgent advice needed please

    Can anyone confirm if the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet is capable of taking online credit/debit card payments, or not? In other words to be used as a PDQ Terminal Thanks in advance
  3. KrossT

    SM-T217A (Galaxy Tab 3) Soft Brick, Help please

    SM-T217A (Galaxy Tab 3) Previously on 4.4.2 (latest, updated via wifi), downloaded the only available firmware from sammobile T217AUCUAMHC (4.4.2 but apparently not the latest) Used Odin to attempt to flash fresh and kicked me to this perpetual "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please...
  4. B

    How do I move my favourites to a SD card?

    Hello, My Tab 3 is starting to slow down and I would like to move all my favourites, recipes, saved pages etc., to a SD card if possible, then move onto a new device when I buy it. Can anyone please help me with how to do this please. Thanks in advance for any help given. Regards, Julie
  5. T

    Good idea to upgrade OS on galaxy tab 3 7.0 3G?

    Hi. I have a galaxy tab 3 7.0 inch running 4.1.2. Is it a good idea to upgrade the OS (think it goes up to 4.4)? I'm worried it may affect performance negatively. I know that 4.3 included trim support which should improve performance but thought I'd check here to see if anyone has any experience...
  6. W

    Likely to get lollipop?

    Hi I'm aware the 8 and 10 versions both not can be upgraded to lollipop do you think Samsung will roll this out for the 7 inch? Thanks
  7. Epic3lite

    Help Formatted everything Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210

    I done goofed. I forgot my password to my Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210 and so I decided to format it from the recovery menu (I had TWRP recovery, and when I tried to fix it I somehow reinstalled CWM-based Recovery v6.0.4.9). And stupid me decided to format everything: system, data, cache ect... I can...
  8. J

    Help "Contacts" not working

    The Contacts app on my Tab 3 7 inch will not start. I get the " unfortunatly, contacts has stopped" message everytime I try to start the app. It will not start even if I try to add a contact from the email app. Currently running 4.4.2 but Do not remember if this problem existed prior to the...
  9. S

    Videos from SD Card not visible in Kids Video App

    All, I Own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids version for my daughter. I have cartoon videos saved in SD Card. Everything was OK till a few days ago when my daughter could not find the cartoon videos in her Kids Video app anymore. When I check in Parental mode > File Explorer all videos are available...
  10. KilaIesha

    Help The Dreaded Facebook Sync

    For some reason every time I try to do "sync apps with facebook" I get a message saying login failed however if authorised the app anyway bit the login failed and thus won't sync my calendars etc but I try it later then it says "authorised SamsungGALAXY" but it still then shows the very same...
  11. Pyjamarama

    Help MP3 restarts when playing

    Well, here's what's been happening. I recently began using MP3 sites to stream music. On some of them, there's this really weird thing that's been happening. After a few seconds into the song (3-7), it restarts. However, on the song timeline (or whatever it's called), it says that it hasn't...
  12. antdogac

    Root help

    Can someone please make a back up with twrp and shoot me the link so I can move on with my life.
  13. J

    Root Samsung SM-T211

    I have just deleted almost 1,000 photos from my tablet. I used USB to rerganizated my folders, but i did not made a backup copy of this folder. I have Windows 7 and Android version 4.4.2. I rooted my device, and by DiskDigger app tried to found it, but there were just 2 of this photos and almost...
  14. TheRealMrsMVP

    Help Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 T210r

    Hi guys, I'm copying and pasting my own post from another forum, as no one on there has replied. I really need some answers, because I'm super frustrated. Hey guys. I'm new here, but I have read stuff on these forums for quite some time, and it's often been helpful. I bought a tablet on ebay...
  15. S

    Help Bootloop after removing app with Titanium Backup

    Hi, I`ve got a Samsung Tab 3 Lite 7" SM-T111 I rooted it OK but now I'm stuck in the bootloop after using Titanium Backup to try and remove Dropbox with "Force remove app (by recovery exploit)" that said it was going to reboot the device twice, it booted into TWRP and that is all its done ever...
  16. Alexbb258

    Root Help Needed For SuperSU

    Hi. Ive been searching the internet for a fix for this and have had no luck so ive come here for help So listen up. So ive been trying to root my Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 (SM-T210) and when ive tried to install SuperSU through TWRP but when i select the SuperSU i cant select it it just shows what's...
  17. Papamalo

    Sucessfully rooted! Now what can I get rid of? how can I speed it up?

    Successfully rooted my tablet with a combination of Odin, TWRP, SuperSU and android-armeabi-universal-root-signed. Took a couple of tries but I am in! Thanks to those who helped! Now: 1: What can I get rid of. is there a list of expendable apps I can get rid of? 2: What can I do to speed it up...
  18. Papamalo

    Help "Invalid Download URL" whe trying to install play apps?

    Hi. I have Galaxy tab 3 , running android 4.4.2, and I went to the play store, to get a few apps, and it would appear to download an app, but during installing, (this happened with several apps) I got an error "Invalid download URL" and the install stopped. Any ideas on how to remedy this...
  19. Papamalo

    Root Newbie with some possibly newbie questions.

    Hi! I recently got a used galaxy Tab 3 Model number SM-T2010R Android 4.4.2 kernel number 3.4.5-2364900 build number KOT49H.T210RUEUOCOB1 I could go separate to 8 different forums or just ask someone here a question or two. So, here I am. 1: I want to root, debloat, and overclock my tab 3...
  20. J

    Help How Much Memory

    Hi, I have a galaxy Tab 3 7" can anyone tell me the correct memory card size I can put in it. I'd like to put a 64gb card in, I'm going on holiday and I'd like to put music and movies on one device, but I've seen a couple of things that make me think it will only take 32gb. Any help would be...
  21. antdogac

    Root help restore null imei

    How do i access the hiden menu with no diler! The tab 3 has no diler
  22. antdogac

    Root boot loop after repartision. sm-t217s Fixed

    Ok so i rooted with king root then i used a deleated knox then i tried to flash cwm recovery with an apk called rasher but apparently knox write protection is still enabled. Oden is getting stuck at 1 percent and i cant get kies lte or kies 2 to read it either.
  23. sgyparagonicc

    Time to buy new battery?

    Good day, Tab 3 7.0 wifi only user here. Is is time to buy new battery replacement? Had the tablet for more than 2 years now. After a full charge. while browsing youtube app. takes shorter time now to go low battery.
  24. T

    Help How well does the IR blaster work? I want to use a tablet as my go-to universal remote. (

    I am going to be replacing my old tired Pronto Philips universal remote for either a a Galaxy Tab 3 or a LG G-pad. I am specifically looking into an Android tablet for their IR Blasters and the ability to run Yatse or Kore remotes to control my Kodi/XBMC system. Does the Tab 3 Lite have an IR...
  25. ImRahish

    Help Run launcher only on sd card

    Hello, Is it possible to run the launcher only when the sd card is inserted and the launcher should disappear when the sd card is removed.