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samsung transform ultra

  1. pir8p3t3

    Root Calling for ROMs - all the TU links are dead

    I can't find a single working link online for TU ROMs anymore. Does anyone have a link? Help?
  2. B

    How to root the samsung transform ultra with a mac?

    Hey from what I have found (and sorry I am a newbie), I need odin to root the samsung transform ultra. The link posted on the forum ( http://androidforums.com/transform-ultra-all-things-root/593840-cwm-new-clockworkmod-fixed-no-2min-reboot.html) says odin cant be achieved using a mac. Well all I...
  3. B

    Help Want to block telemarketer

    I am getting like 15 calls a day from the same telemarketer number. and I was wondering if there is a way to block or ignore that number so my phone doesn't ring or vibrate when that number calls?
  4. mydian

    Root Wifi quit working

    Hi everyone. So I haven't used one of my old STU's in awhile. I turned it on and the WiFi won't work. The Wi-Fi comes on but it just scans and never picks up a signal. I have Wi-Fi analyzer installed and this thing isn't picking up any Wi-Fi at all. I live in a rather Wi-Fi congested area and...
  5. itsthereefaman

    Root Help me get this baby running again

    I want to avoid double posting so if someone could please kindly direct me to a post that helps solve a bootloop/brick problem: I have an old Samsung TU that constantly bootloops. I followed chevanlol360's method of installing the Stock Rom. Which means I downloaded the stock rom for the...
  6. xaelith

    Root Coming (back) to a TU near you...

    Guess who's back? Back again... xaelith's back, Tell a friend! :p:p:p:p:p All joking aside,I just ordered a used Sprint Transform Ultra today. I expect it to be in my hands no later than Thursday the 11th. For those who may not know, I used to be an active member of the Ultra...
  7. B

    Problem Viewing .gif's

    Not sure if this is the right forum to post this too, but I'm having a problem viewing gif images on my phone. Every time I save a gif and then try to view it, it never shows the entire gif, just part of it. Can anyone tell me what is happening here?
  8. B

    Can't type the letter "a"

    Once in a while when using the keypad, for some reason when I try typing a word with the letter "a" in it I will push the "a" button and instead of typing it, two arrows will show up on the screen, one in front and one at the end of the word I was typing. Why does that happen, and how can I get...
  9. RoswellWitness

    Root Overclocking Jedi X

    Ok, rooting your phone definitely has it's perks. Too many maybe? It's kind of like opening Pandora's Box. I had just recently flashed to Jedi X. It's pretty great. I then flashed the Perseus Kernel onto it so I can have my SD card read. I now want to explore OVERCLOCKING. What's the simplest...
  10. B

    Root Can someone help me root!!??

    I am trying to root me phone without a computer since I don't have admin privs and can't install anything on the computer. I went to YouTube and looked it up and came up with a bunch of promising results unfortunately out of the 10 that I tried none of them worked. My question is, is it possible...
  11. F

    Help Audio folder

    Does anyone have the audio folder they could share? My wife's ultra died and had to get her a new phone and she misses her old ringtones and notifications. Thanks
  12. fatnickd1

    New battery for old user

    Hello Friends, My almost two years with the Transform Ultra will keep on going. With issues keeping hard covers on, I've dropped it one to many times with one so my microphone will not work so well any more. People can't hear me very well. Dought there is much you can do about that. But...
  13. C

    Root Help

    Hello to Loota, etc my phone has bricked to the transform ultra screen and i cant get it out.... No Recovery or Download mode.... So if any expert can help me go ahead and do so... email me at : cmtoontown@gmail.com... Thanks, Cmtoontown
  14. powerkane

    Root Custom pink theme for megatron 6.1.1

    UNFINISHED and will not be finished First of all you want megatron 6.1.1 witch can be found on this thread (click here) Secondly, i decided to make a pink theme for 6.1.1 since the pink theme for 6.0.4 is no longer available let me know what you think, here is what i have so far...
  15. mrleroybrown

    Root Sorry for the likely ancient question

    My wife recently made the move the blackberry to android with the Samsung Galaxy S2. The only thing she doesn't like is not having a tangible keyboard, so I bought her an Ultra and decided I'd go ahead and root it before giving it to here (b/c she won't part with her phone for me to do anything...
  16. C

    Root [TU][PORT][Cyanogen Mod]

    Cyanogen Mod ported from Samsung Galaxy Prevail might be coming near next month... I am now working on an ICS rom which might take me a while like i said... but I am looking for beta testers when beta comes out... Think you wanna join my BETA TEST GROUP E-mail me at:android101.melcom@gmail.com...
  17. C

    Root Fix for CWM/ROOT for Transform Ultra

    Look at my website it will give you everything you need;) just go to cmtoontown.wix.com/android101... basically its my instruction guide that i put together as well as roms and the files and how to use them:)
  18. D

    Compose new message isn't showing correct contacts?

    Just activated a Transform Ultra for my wife, and she's noticed a peculiar bug. On my phone (LG Marquee) and most Gingerbread devices I've ever used, you can hit Compose New Message from the SMS app and start typing your recipient's name in the TO field. It is supposed to pull your contacts in...
  19. D

    Root Having Trouble Activating On Sprint

    So, I have a Sprint branded Transform Ultra that I bought off ebay, was told ESN *might* be bad, so I intended to use it just as a WiFi device for my kids to play with. Turns out the ESN is clean, as I verified with a rep recently (a happy surprise)! I really like this phone so far, so decided...
  20. S

    Help Phone Turns Off By Itself...

    Hey, gang. Starting about 2-3 weeks ago, my phone (A Samsung Transform Ultra)began shutting down in the middle of internet use, checking e-mail, and at other random times. After the unit shuts off, the word "Samsung" appears on the screen for several seconds, after which the phone will not turn...
  21. S

    Help Phone Turns Off By Itself...

    Hey, gang. Starting about 2-3 weeks ago, my phone began shutting down in the middle of internet use, checking e-mail, and at other random times. After the unit shuts off, the word "Samsung" appears on the screen for several seconds, after which the phone will not turn on. The only way to allow...
  22. M

    Help Wi-Fi not showing

    I started the process to root my wife's samsung transform ultra. Didn't do it right and the phone rebooted back to stock. That's when I noticed there was no Wi-Fi. Checked the settings and it was turned off. Turned it on and it scans, but cannot find my home network. I have no idea how long the...
  23. C

    Help Samsung Transform Ultra Camera Not Working!

    I have a Samsung transform ultra android phone. Every single time I try to use the camera it crashes. Says "Camera Error, Cannot connect to camera" Sometimes it lets me take ONE pic then crashes... The only way to get it to work ONE more time is to power my phone off and back on. Then it...
  24. P

    Samsung transform ultra M930

    OK well apparently Ive tried everything i have posted with no responses and i have a sprint m930 transform ultra no root cant get it to root Odin one clicks etc im about to just throw this stupid phone in the trash nothing but problems
  25. J

    Help hwo to disable cellular signals

    Hello everyone. I have this phone for more than two years. now i only use it on my cycle for the cycling app and the GPS speed app. I don't use it to make calls, its out of service for more than a year and i don't plan to get it activated again. I want to disable the cellular signals, so...