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sony xperia sp

  1. Android News

    Android 7.0 Nougat can now be loaded onto the Sony Xperia SP

    Although released back in 2013, the Sony Xperia SP was destined to be stuck on Android Jelly Bean after the release of Android Lollipop. However, an XDA developer has been able to load a custom Android Nougat ROM onto the device, again showing the power of community development.
  2. Ankit Gajera

    Root Easy video guide for installing custom ROMs

  3. Ankit Gajera

    Root Video guide to change the partitions format from Ext4 to F2FS

    What are the advantages of F2FS over stock EXT4 format? 1) F2FS is much faster at writing data than EXT4. Reading data is not some much of a difference but you'll notice a difference in UI fluidity etc because of the higher sdcard writing speeds. (which makes caching data on your sdcard so much...
  4. Ankit Gajera

    Root Easy guide to Unclock Bootloader for Xperia SP by Video tutorial

    This is the easy step by step guide to unlock the bootloader. Just follow the simple steps. This method can be applied for any XPERIA Devices. !!! Caution !!! - Unlocking Boot loader will erase your Internal Storage so take a backup first. Sony's Developer site...
  5. Ankit Gajera

    Root Easy rooting Xperia SP and installing custom recovery by Video Tutorial

    This is a simplest way to root Xperia SP and Installing custom recoveries like TWRP,Philz or CWM !!! You have to just follow the steps and you will have rooted Xperia SP with custom recovery installed in it. For installing custom Recovery, you need to install fastboot and adb drivers first...
  6. PureChaosX

    Help MHL Adapter Causes Wi-Fi to Cut Off

    I have a Sony Xperia SP, but from what I've read on the internet this happens to other phones as well. Simply, when I plug in my MHL adapter, it causes the Wi-Fi to turn off. If I turn it back on, it just says my network is "Not in Range" despite the router being 2 meters away from me. Only...
  7. I

    Help Phone&Sky wifi

    Hello, My phone randomly stopped connecting to my sky router, the connection just dropped, I had tried everything from forgetting the network to factory reset my phone, I Even got a new sky router and the problem is still thrre, however I can easily connect to other routers such as virgin...
  8. Loizos

    Help Xperia SP multitouch problem?

    Hey, I just noticed that when I'm pressing the screen with one finger, then trying to hold another finger while still holding onto the screen, there is a small delay in recognising the 2nd finger... This only happens after 30 minutes of usage, as the multitouch works just fine for a while...
  9. D

    Sony Experia sp how i can hard reset .... ?

    I need help after updating 4.3 its picture quality turns low ... I dont knw what happend but i try to much to hardreset my phone but like others phone i cant find boot menu .... !
  10. O

    Help problem in album

    I m going through a bizarre problem. If I delete any picture from album after restarting handset all the pictures came back. So I have to delete them manually again. How can I stop this? I don't want my deleted pictures come back again.
  11. S

    Help Default apps to open file types?

    Can we set the application to open a .txt or .jpg file? Going to settings > apps was a dead end. All it does is reset app preference. Thanks
  12. S

    Help Restore Whatsaap messages without backup

    My whatsapp messages had been deleted and unfortunately all the backup files from databases folder had been deleted as well.. my phone is not rooted yet. its only 8 months i am using. is there any way to get the whatsapp messages back?? please help me.. i need those.. i have some data on these...
  13. T

    Boot animation for xperiia sp

    Hello Everyone Make your device cool and awesome with the new Android L boot animation! I today present you Android L boot animation for Xperia SP I made it in two ways : 1) Pure white Android L boot animation. 2) Original Android L boot animation. I have provided few screen shots...
  14. S

    Photo camera quality

    Hello everybody! I want to buy xperia sp. But somebody told me that photos, which made with it's photo camera, has bad quality. He also told, that s4 mini have a better quality of photo. Is it true? I alway thought that xperia has a good camera and can make a good photos. P.S. Sorry for my...
  15. W

    Help Won't charge after plugging in a controller

    Hi, I've been having a problem with my phone recently. I'm a 'mobile gamer' and I liked the idea that you could connect a controller to your phone/tablet using an OTG cable. Recently, I've did just that. However, after a few days of using the controller, my phone doesn't seem to work without...
  16. R

    4.3 update

    Hi all, just to let you all know, I've just received an update to 12.1.A.1.205, on a Sim free handset in UK. so far so good, haven't reset phone as yet (always have with updates in past), may do that later ? will report back if any issues
  17. E

    Help My Sony Xperia SP restart button in the back does not work!

    In the past every time my Sony Xperia SP would just randomly shut off I would use a pen and restart it by taking off the back of the phone and pressing on the "off". But now it doesn't work anymore and every time i plug it in or press the power button it continuously vibrates three times. HELP...
  18. A

    Help Internet apps issue

    Sometimes when I open a browser , it suddenly goes back to the home screen Also, this problem appears when using VPN application , it suddenly disconnects I tried to restart the phone the problem disappeared and appeared 4-5 hours later.
  19. A

    Help how to root sony xperia ZR 4.3c5502 Firmware version 10.1.1.B.101

    how to root sony xperia ZR 4.3c5502 Firmware version 10.1.1.B.101
  20. robert1305


    I have downloaded some live wallpapers, and have decided just to use one of them, can someone tell me how to delete the others. Regards Bob
  21. M

    Mini review of my Xperia ZR M36h

    I am having my Xperia ZR M36h for 3 months and it was lovely. A little bit thick but happy I was able to switch batteries, being powered with my only 5000mah extended battery out off mpj, running average about 2 days off one charge. Basically no lag if it is not with many games. The screen is...
  22. RobGee89

    Help No updates at all

    Hey guys I've had this phone (c5303) not locked to any network for a month now, I bought it from phones 4 u here in the UK but it's still on 4.1.2 and the sus and pcc both say it's up to date but it clearly isn't, any ideas how to get it to start receiving ota updates?
  23. C

    Lock screen widgets

    Hey guys! I recently bought Xperia SP, and am thrilled with it! i only have one complaints..for now ;) lock screen widgets are making me crazy! I mean, in the center is the time, on the right is the camera and on the left i only have like 5-6 to choose from! i installed a lot of...
  24. Slug

    Android 4.3 update rollout begins

    Xperia SP Android 4.3 update starts rolling with build 12.1.A.0.266 [Update] | Xperia Blog
  25. Z

    Root Xperia SP Root Guide (for noobs)

    Xperia SP root most resent firmware version 12.0.A.2.254 (Updated) This post so everyone can follow the instructions. Doomlord gives some pretty clear instructions but a noob like my self some things does not make sence. So the steps to root your phone are. 1)Download the three files from the...