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sony xperia tablet z

  1. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 nightlies now available for 6 more devices

    If you own the OnePlus 2, Motorola Moto X Pure Edition, Yu Yureka, Oppo R5 , Oppo R5s or Sony Xperia Tablet Z you can now jump aboard the CyanogenMod 13 nightlies train. CM 13 is based on Android Marshmallow, allowing many of these devices to get a taste of Google's latest OS before their...
  2. L

    Help Charging issue with lollipop 5.1

    Hello. Yesterday i updated my tablet from 4.4.4 to 5.1 and today when i charged it it was at 1% and unable to startup for 3h plugged in. Anyone? If this continues ill have to downgrade.
  3. J

    Thinking of buying a Sony Z - advice please

    Hello I was thinking of buying a used Sony Z as a second tablet for travel but have a few concerns and wondered if someone could help me out: 1. Screen colour looked a bit odd to me when i saw it in stores - rather too yellow - has this been sorted out by firmware updates? 2. The...
  4. J

    Using the DK39 magnetic charger with the sony case?

    Ok really stupid question, i have my z2, i have the official sony case and also the official sony dk39 magnetic charger, the charger and case are both advertised as you can charge your tablet even with the case on. i dont know if i am missing something, but i am finding it hard to work out how...
  5. J

    Touch issues even though i have the latest FW?

    Hi, i have had my tablet for about 1 week, straight after starting it up i had a fw update which is 17.1.1.A.0.402 which i am assuming is the latest? anyway i have read a lot about the new fw was supposed to fix the touch issues? I also have the z1 which i still have and is perfect. ive...
  6. J

    Does using a longer usb cable effect charging?

    I now have the new z2 tablet which seems great up to now, i have some touch issues at first, but since installing and using apex it seems to have gone. anyway, im a bit annoyed with sony for moving the charging port to the top as i thought it was much better on the bottom, i could just sit...
  7. J

    How can i disable google now / whats new from home button long press

    I remember there being a way on my phone to disable google now from starting when i long pressed the home button and a lot of people thought this also speeded the home button up. I can't seem to find a way of disabling both google now and whats new on the tablet though. can anyone help as id...
  8. J

    How can i tell if my tablet is locked or unlocked?

    I have just bought myself the new WIFI only versoin of the Z2 tablet, i will be selling my Z1 soon, but when i bought it from ebay, the guy told me he got it from an EE store, it is the SGP321, wifi and sim, although i have never used a sim card in it. At the time i got it for a really good...
  9. B

    Latest update STILL not fixed the keyboard flicker

    This is getting tedious now....another 4.3 update and still no fixed to the flicker caused by the keyboard being on. Was hoping it was 4.4. If its still not fixed then, it'll be going back yet again. They won't be able to fix it as its a software problem....this is my 3rd doing this. Time to...
  10. K

    How do emulators play on Xperia Z Tablet

    How well do emulators play on the Xperia tablet? Seems like a good tablet to play these on. Thanks to those who answer.
  11. joe2cool

    Help Flash light app?

    Hi could any one recommend a 'flash light app' that dosn't allow/give permission for the app to use hardware such as the tablet's video? Thx
  12. J

    Wifi keeps dropping :(

    Hi, I have a Sony Xperia z Tablet, i've had it about 4 months, the wifi did used to drop when i first got it, using 4.2 but since updating to 4.3 i think it's doing it more so. I flashed my 4.3 from the following link as i couldn't wait for the update: [FTF][SGP321][4.3][UK UNBRANDED] Official...
  13. S

    Root Rooting after 4.3?

    I just installed 4.3, does anyone have an answer on how to root? I tried putting this on the "all things root" but it said it was closed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. M

    4.3 Update

    FYI I received the 4.3 update on my UK LTE Unbranded Tablet Z today. All seems good initially and the home screens are certainly scrolling smoothly.
  15. L

    Help change location for playstore?

    Hi I used to live in Ireland but am now back in the UK just wondered how id change location for the playstore? Thanks
  16. B

    Screen mirroring

    Can this be used with Samsung led tv's? I'm having trouble throwing movies to it. Thanks
  17. B

    Any complaints? just about to buy

    Hi I have a Samsung note 3 and a Nexus 7 2013 but would also like something a little larger. Having looked at the Note 10.1 2014, even though the spec is awesome, its not very nice... But having seen the great reviews and had a quick play with the xperia z today in CPW, I really like this...
  18. J

    Would i see any difference using a 2.0amp charger?

    I noticed that the plug that comes with the xperia z tablet is only 1.5amp, most other phones etc i have had have always been 2amp, i am just wondering if i would get a faster charge if i bought a 2amp charger, or could i potentially damage the unit if it is only supposed to have 1.5? thanks James
  19. T

    Help Can watch live sports stream, please help!!

    Hi guys, Does anyone know how to watch live sports from front row or streamhunter website on the xperia z tablet??? I did some research and it say to "sideload" flash. where and what do I need to sideload to my tablet as (adobe flash does not download) ?? If anyone can help I would greatly...
  20. J

    WI-FI Optimisation issue

    Hi, I noticed that in the advanced wifi settings is a setting for wifi optimisation which says it saves battery. I am finding that when this setting is on, every time i am on a game i am getting messages says lost connection and my games having to reset or start again, when the setting is off...
  21. J

    Questions about a 4G Xperia Z model and a battery question

    Hi, i have just managed to get a 4G model of the Xperia Z pretty cheap (cheaper than a wifi only model on ebay). Anyway, the reason why i mention that is i never had any intentions of actually using the 4G, i just happened to get a good deal so bought it. Now that i have it i am wondering if...
  22. J

    Can i use Apex launcher with this device?

    Hi, I have just ordered a sony xperia z tablet, i did have the original Samsung galaxy note 10.1 and was never happy with it, it always felt and looked like a kids toy. I was just wondering if i can use apex with the xperia z as i use it on my phone at the moment and do love the features in it...
  23. M


    Sony confirm that the Tablet Z will receive android 4.3 soon and Android 4.4 in the future: Sony confirms five devices will get Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade, 4.3 to roll out to ten next month
  24. I

    Xperia Z Tablet & XBMC

    Hi Guys, Thinking about getting one of these and a real dealbreaker for me is whether or not it will run XBMC and if there are any known issues. Can anyone confirm if XBMC will run on this tablet?? Thanks in advance. Steven
  25. K

    Help Sony PC Companion (No phone/tablet connected)

    Hello folks, My Sony PC Companion won't recognise my Xperia Z tablet saying that "No phone/tablet connected". My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite 32-bit running windows 7 ultimate. Please help. Thanks. I GET THE MSG BELOW WHEN I TROUBLESHOOT: Program Compatibility Publisher details...