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  1. D

    Lenovo Effective Security Measures for Enterprise Storage Systems and Sensitive Data Protection

    Hello fellow forum members, I hope this post finds you well. I am currently exploring best practices for safeguarding enterprise storage systems and protecting sensitive data within our organization. Given the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, I believe it's crucial for us to...
  2. O

    S23 with Quest 3 VR

    I have an S23 and I'm thinking of getting the MetaQuest 3 VR headset. The only two storage options for the Quest 3 are 128 gb and 512 gb. I probably would get the 128 version. I have one question: Do the games, videos, etc have to be stored on the headset or would I be able to access any of...
  3. R


    That Blu government phone doesn't do screenshots right any more. I know the standard way is volume down + power, but it isn't working. I got a screenshot app which can be a little tricky and shuts off if storage is running low. Why do screenshots evidently take up less room than regular photos?
  4. OsakaWebbie

    Help Move apps to SD? Uninstall pre-installed apps?

    I recently got a cheap phone (a stripped-down Aquos sense3 called an Aquos sense3 Basic, built for some cell providers here in Japan) - it only has 32GB internal storage, but it does have an SD slot. But I'm sure you would agree this situation is a bit ridiculous: It's almost all "Other apps"...
  5. T

    Storage issue

    Hi please can anyone tell me why I can't download any apps? Pic attached. This is weird, right?
  6. kumaranil13k

    In TWRP recovery how to fix unable to mount data internal/external/otg USB storage 0mb in twrp

    I have a mobile lyf water 8 ls 5015 with Android 6.1 marshmellow vendor updated I want to take NAND backup before rooting through loading twrp recovery in fast boot mode (fastboot recovery twrp.img) . I tried with 3 twrp recovery Images listed below one twrp 2.8.4 recovery image original...
  7. A

    Android: How Can i Create Files in another Application's Package?

    I am developing a custom Watchfaces App in Which i have to Copy/Create Watchface .bin files in Android/data/com.xiomi.hm.health/files/watch_skin_file/59/ into these directory without this my custom watchface app will not be able to apply custom watchfaces. I am new to android file storage...
  8. kumaranil13k

    Does Storage manager (SM) Package manager (PM) command works in android 10,11?

    Question Does Storage manager (SM) Package manager (PM) command works in android 10,11? I want to purchase new android mobile as new smart phone come.with android 9,10,11. As I want adaptable storage as all experts told no new mobile vendor manufacturer supports adoptable except android 6.0...
  9. Carlos Eduardo Erler

    About backup and music player

    Hello I have about 35gb songs. So, if I save them in my phone storage, I'll not have available space for other stuff. Then I tried to keep it in a very large capacity app, but my music players can't seek them. Then I ask: Is there any app which is able to seek files in some cloud backup or...
  10. kumaranil13k

    Link2sd Change external storage location of internal formatted as card?

    I had installed linked without pro version without rooting the phone it has an option in setting of auto link apps to add card which moved or partly links installed apps to as card..I had enBled the option I have Android 6.0.1 and I had formatted my 64gb Microsoft card as internal memory Now...
  11. D

    Help Partition Problem

    Hey all im new to the site. I can partition a HDD, SSD or SD Card 12 ways to Monday on a windows platform with my eyes closed while asleep. But dont have access to a windows computer or a windows device. I have an SM-T860 running Android 11-R armarch-64bit Qualcom octi core, 6GB and 128 GB...
  12. C

    Help Unexplainable Storage

    Hello everyone, Ty for reading this. I'm kinda through most "normal" options. But my phone is full everytime while I don't use even a quarter of it myself. I tried - Factory Reset (a month ago when it happened as well) - Deleting files via PC. (1.5gb) - Clearing the cache of all apps (~2gb) -...
  13. fra8995

    App Inventor Permission denied for storage/emulated/0 (Android 10)

    Hi, I'm using Android Studio (SDK 23) to create an application. I'm trying to see all the files or folders in "storage/emulated/0". I asked for permissions runtime with these two functions: but when i try to access "storage/emulated/0": it says that i can'r read it: Am I doing something...
  14. Richard Linder

    Android e6 Storage Permissions Madness!

    PHONE INFO: Moto e6 (XT2005DL) Android ver: 9 Build: PPBS29.73-81-5-14-5-4 Kernel: 4.9.112-perf+ Carrier: Simple Mobile Using almost entirely stock configuration __________________________ Hi everyone (and thanks!), I have a cheap Moto e6 through Simple Mobile and it's totally great except...
  15. Garaera

    Help Frustrating internal storage issue

    I have 32GB of internal storage on my phone and an SD card with 64GB which is formatted as extended internal storage. My phone is an Alcatel 3v (5032W) running Android 9 and my SD card is a samsung evo select. For some reason I had this problem suddenly a few months ago as well but can't...
  16. W

    Help Missing space on internal storage

    I have a Verizon Galaxy J7 V 2nd Gen, which has 16GB of internal storage. When I look using an app like Disk Usage, it shows the total internal space as 10.8GB, with ~8.5GB used by System Data. I have had the phone for almost 2 years. It seems like I am missing 6GB of space. Does that make...
  17. ShalomxPeace

    Can't access "/android/data" directory in android 11

    After updating my Google Pixel 3a to android 11, I can't find files and folders of this location: "/android/data" by the device. "Files" by google shows empty at that location. But I can see them through PC via USB transfer. Why can't I access that location of storage and how can I get access on...
  18. S

    512 g. Micro sd keep or return?

    I just got a 512 evo samsung micro sd card in the mail. I got ready to format it and the phone said it was corrupted. It would only format to 20% then freeze. After a bit the phone would restart, but freeze on restart. I had to reboot. I formatted it with a PC in 2 seconds and it works...
  19. U

    Help Files application taking up 90 GB somehow

    Hey, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus running Android Q (Android 10), and I have 128GB of storage. The other day, my storage usage went from about 30GB to 126GB from nowhere. I checked what was taking up my storage and it said "Other". So I checked on advanced storage usage and it says "My...
  20. Jupit3r

    Accessories Beelink GS-King X review: this might be a game changer

    For: Nice design and solid build. High-end hardware and impeccable performance. Lots of connectivity options. Dual ES9018 Hi-Fi DAC. 7.1-channel audio certified by DTS and Dolby. Bays for dual HDD with capacity of up to 32TB. Against: Operating system is not optimized to match the hardware. LED...
  21. Android News

    Sony announces a new lineup of SD cards

    Sony has unveiled a new series of SD cards which claim to be the "fastest in the world". The new SF-G series will be available in the Spring, but no pricing details have been revealed.
  22. Android News

    DEAL: Save $45 on the 256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card from Amazon

    Amazon has discounted the 256GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card by $45, bringing the price down to $135.
  23. Android News

    How To: Use adoptable storage on the NVIDIA Shield Android TV

    Andrew from Android Central takes a look at the new NVIDIA Shield Android TV and provides an in-depth tutorial on how to take advantage of the expandable storage options on the device.
  24. J

    Help Android Storage is full, but no files

    So, I have a 32GB Samsung Galaxy J7 model J700H. I have used only 2GB of space including all my apps and misc files, but, in the storage tab, in Settings, it shows I only have 400mb, of space left when I should have 30GB left. Furthermore, if I try to install an app from Google Play Store, it...
  25. Android News

    DEAL: Get a 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSD Card for just $16

    Amazon currently has the 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card on sale for just $15.99.