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I am new so just to ask Did i post my first post ok

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Deleted User

Hey all im new to the site.

I can partition a HDD, SSD or SD Card 12 ways to Monday on a windows platform with my eyes closed while asleep.
But dont have access to a windows computer or a windows device. I have an SM-T860 running Android 11-R armarch-64bit Qualcom octi core, 6GB and 128 GB Internal Storage. The device is not rooted, if it were I could take care of this myself. I cant root without the backup and i cant backup without root (anyone seeing circles)


I have a Micro SDXC 1TB card installed in the Tablet and the idea is to keep 512gb for backup, 128 for linux mint to emulate windows, 128 for linux (or other similer distro) to emulate a VLE of some sort and 256gb for storage.
Im hoping by running this of the sd card it will keep the android system isolated and protected if i muck things up to much.

I have an adaptor for the Micro sd card and a PS3, I am planning on putting home brew on the ps3 using the adaptor.
I know a PS3 can format an SD card but I dont know if it can partition an SD card.

I have no other game consoles or devices that might do the trick.

If anyone knows a way to partition the SD card that is similer to Storage Manager in windows 10 or maybe a live web vershion of a similer utility please post.

Just to add the Micro SDXC 1TB card is a 128 bit/s A1 Sandisk card if that helps
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