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zte awe

  1. N

    Root Most Stable OC Kernel / ROM for Awe?

    Getting ready to flash TWRP onto a new - to me - Awe. Any suggestions for most stable OC Kernel and Rom? I checked the board and didn't see any talk of stability anytime recently. Dont want to infect the board with a chronic case of the dupes :)
  2. M

    ZTE AWE Encryption Error (Rooted)

    So this (encryption error) actually happened about 8 months ago but my friends still had his zte awe and I thought about trying to attempt at fixing it again because I lacked many refurbishing and technical concepts at the time when we tried to fix it. He rooted it and installed cwm recovery but...
  3. X

    Stuck on Android Recovery Screen

    When ever I turn my phone on it comes up as the logo screen and then it goes to Android System Recovery <3e>. _______________________________ Android system recovery <3e> Press volume up/down to move highlight; Press power key to select. reboot system now apply update from ADB wipe...
  4. Chesty

    ZTE Awe N800 Encryption Unsuccessful (No Root Help!)

    So my sister had come up to me and given me her old Phone which I was thinking I could use, but she said there was a problem that a "Encryption Unsuccessful" screen pops up and she couldn't do anything about it. So I wanted to get it working and running but the problem is it doesn't have any...
  5. P

    Root how the ?#%*! do i root a ZTE n 817?

    I have tried and tried nothings worked 1 click seemed too good to be true. I have a PC
  6. P

    Root how do I root a ZTE?

    I tried just about everything someone who knows the stuff please help
  7. D


    Anyone have idea how I can receive or send mms? Can't figure out what to do so far.
  8. R

    Help ZTE Blade wipes all

    I have a ZTE blade. If you do a factory reset, should it remove all apps on my inserted SD card as well as on my system? Nick ,
  9. T

    ZTE N800 Bootloop, Broken power button! ( not rooted)

    My phone wont completely turn on and every time I plug in a USB it would show the android logo and continuously turn on and off from that screen. I tried pressing the volume buttons and the home button. I tried only pressing the volume buttons. It would just freeze when I do so. How can I get to...
  10. I

    Messaging won't display or download attachment

    A few days ago my awe stopped downloading multimedia messages. Any idea how to fix that?
  11. cjBoat

    Help N800, HELP!!!! PHONE WON'T POWER ON!!!

    My phone wouldn't let me passed first screen, showing a RECOVERY <3e> notice. Encrypted error all your data has been deleted. You can receive all your data after a factor reset. So i tried this, Didn't work. I tried few more times. Still didn't work. NOW the D#%M THING WON'T POWER ON!!! MY...
  12. dvdavid888

    Root Front lights (back home menu) are staying on

    Hello all so I took out my old Zte awe out to give to my son and I noticed it was 100% dead usually I put my old devices away with 50% charge granted I not expecting it to stay at that while in storage so I charged it up and noticed that when I power the device off the light are staying on (...
  13. B

    Root GPS and Camera Issues with roms - Please help!

    Okay so I'm having a few issues with pretty much every rom I use on the Awe. In all 4.1.2 roms, my GPS doesn't work. I normally wouldn't mind but I need my GPS for work. I'm using moonshine rom right now and the phone restarts anytime I turn on the GPS or use any app that requires location to...
  14. J

    Root Driver for QPST Connection

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for a Windows driver for the ZTE Awe that will allow me to assign a COM port and connect to QPST. I've tried the stock drivers and some generic ones, but none allow me to assign a COM port. Perhaps I'm missing something obvious. If anybody has any suggestions, please...
  15. D

    Help How to change my number without having an active phone.

    I know the title is a little confusing; so I will elaborate. I am trying to use an app that requires it to call you when you sign up. It pulls 'my number' from the phone. As in the number from Settings > About Phone > Status Which is my cell number. Except. This phone is not activated. Is...
  16. Kdig

    Help Camera glitch

    My ZTE awe camera glitches and randomly pops up when I am in other apps. Does anyone else have this problem? If so how do I fix it?
  17. D

    Root Root, Recover, OC Questions

    Hey there. I'm new to Android in general. A friend gave me an old Awe and I've been playing with it for a while; but it's time to really dig into it. I'm fairly tech savvy, run Linux machines, quite familiar with MS operating systems also. So, I feel confident in playing with a junk phone. I...
  18. N

    Root Problem with Play store

    Hi all, I just re flashed my awe and I havent had to do this in a really long time. I am using awesome rom 1.6 and I can not connect to play store for some reason. Just the grey color scheme when i open it and the working circle chasing its tail. I know phenom has the gapps zip for his, but I am...
  19. J

    Root Restore TWRP Backup from One Device to Another

    Hi everybody, I just swapped out my ZTE Awe N800 for another. I bought two when they were on sale -- one as a backup. In any case. I was trying to restore the backup made from my old one, onto the new one. The new device is rooted and has TWRP recovery installed. I've copied the recovery files...
  20. Z

    Root ZTE AWE will work with Free cell phone service promotion

    Hey guys. Just letting you know that I came across a post by a guy named Dennis on Google plus who runs prepaidphonenews.com about an MVNO named RingPlus that is offering free cell phone service promotions for Sprint/Virgin mobile phones. I just entered the MEID of my daughters phone and it...
  21. McBad

    Root general question

    my wife is still using an optimus v on virgin mobile. it's starting to get sluggish bc . I want to get her an awe but she uses foxfi a decent amount an her train ride to tether to her kindle. I havent been able to get foxfi to work on my awe. so as far as I can tell, to tether with an...
  22. Kaflly

    Root Thank you to the contributors on the board

    I'd like to thank everyone here who gives their time and knowledge to help those of us who don't know about their phones, rooting, or how to correct problems they have thank you. Recently all my or ringtones changed without my doing it. Then I noticed my icons would disappear from my home...
  23. J

    Root CPU Governor and Frequency

    Hi everybody, I'm wondering what CPU Governor and frequency configurations other Awe users are working with, and how battery life and performance is. I use L Awe, stock kernel, and have been experimenting with some settings in order to improve battery life, though have not had much success...
  24. spock1104

    Root [BETA][4.4.2] Stock KitKat

    Warp speed Mr. Sulu Here are the results of what I call project Sulu, bringing the Warp 4G stock ROM to the AWE. Thanks to SuperR for the Warp 4G ROM and modhatter6811 for schooling me on how to recompile framework-res.apk without it crashing. Just like my Cyanogenmod version, this uses the...
  25. spock1104

    Root need help with framework-res.apk

    I'm going to call upon/beg @modhatter6811 @edodson84 and @starkraving here and the community in general for help. I'm still working on that SuperR Warp4g port to the AWE, and I think my storage issue (see http://androidforums.com/threads/new-update.876630/page-5) is due to a difference in the...