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2.1 now enforces Exchange policy - phone lock!


Nov 11, 2009
After upgrading to 2.1, the phone forced me to enter a phone unlock password when I setup my exchange mail account. This sucks!! :mad: I don't want to lock my phone - too much trouble to unlock. Looks like my company's IT policy is enforcing this. But with 1.5, I could use exchange mail without requiring a phone lock.

Has anyone figured out how to work around this? I might have to look for a different email client.
Has anyone figured out how to run Lockpicker while still having a pattern for security? It appears to eliminate all security.

I would like to either have a pattern or just do the obvious... bring up a number pad when a pin is required.

- Set the lock pattern
- Set up your exchange account
- Install lockpicker
- Now you will be prompted for your lock pattern

Otherwise, there is another app that I have not tried yet:
Removing Keyguard Password Policy due to Exchange (HTC Sense & Milestone & Froyo) - xda-developers

Or see the post above.
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