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2.1 Update by Christmas? - Link...

Actually I heard the pending end of the world (2012) was rescheduled to this coming January 1st because of an Android Glitch detected which resets everyone's clocks to 2012 at the stroke of midnight this New Year's Eve! Rumor has it the Mayan's knew of this Time Warp 1,500 years ago and there have been pictures taken of the evidence revealed on a Mayan Pyramid recently unearthed. The Mexican Gov't is keeping things tight and won't release any information. The Pictures have been kept in an Uber Secret Location, but a leak has noted there's a secret Door just (51) steps from the Presidential Palace in Mexico City, nobody knows why it's there!?!?

The little known glitch was detected hidden deep within the Android OS and is feverishly being worked on to decipher and see if there is an "out" clause or a way to stop all the clocks and save the world!

Android (Google), HTC and Sprint are all mum on whether or not they will be able to get 2.x out to us prior to the pending Apocalypse and appease the mountain of worried minds!


I just couldn't resist!
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Funny thing is when I showed her what it could do, she wanted it.

Hehe.. My GF finally picked up my phone and actually played with it for about an hour a few weeks ago now. She hated it. I think the only thing she really didnt like about it was no hardware keyboard. She had a hell of a time typing on the screen with her nails.

TBH I hope she just sticks with dumb phones, she's not very tech inclined what so ever and providing constant support for her phone would just kill me.
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