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Root 2.2 Roms

any links to elelinux

P.S do i have to flash a karnel for elelinux

P.S.S Do i have to calibrate my battery every time i change a rom

Download Elelinux here: [ROM]FROYO_2.2_elelinux_v2.2 (updated 2010-10-24)[ROM] - xda-developers

You don't need to install a new kernel as Flykernel 11 stock is default, but you can get O/C Flykernel 11 from here: [Kernel] Flykernel-11 "Smartass" - xda-developers

Unless you notice poor battery i don't think there is any point to calibrate. I get about 3 days on Elelinux with the Flykernel O/C 672/176.
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For those who haven't checked the XDA the past few days, there's a working Froyo ROM with Sense for Hero finally!

It was ported from HTC Grata. I tried it just now and can say apart from a few things not working (wifi, camera), everything else is functional and reasonably fast. What's more encouraging is that VR team is now working on it and said a complete port should be available within one month. Seems like the wait is almost over.

Got the HTC Gratia Froyo ROM!! Ported to Hero,Uploaded - xda-developers
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What kinda problems?

It hangs for a while, then the Force close option comes up (I guess not as extreme as blue scree, but annoying nonetheless.)

Speed varies. Sometimes its smooth and others it slows down to a crawl and no amount of deleting witg task killer makes a difference. Maybe I have too many apps in the phone memory that needs to be moved to SD/ or deleted? I don't know.

noticed sometimes Haptic feedback goes haywire and the edge of the screen can be unresponsive, though that might not be neccessarily a software issue.

Any advice mate?
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Well, for a start I don't recommend using a task killer. At all. It's a very hotly debated subject in the world of android, but you really shouldn't need one. (Android is designed to keep your RAM full of apps, and a task killer just screws everything up). They are only really good for dealing with misbehaving apps, in which case you're probably better off uninstalling the app in question.

I don't really know about the other two. I would normally recommend redownloading and reflashing (or updating to RC1 in this case), in case of a corrupt download/install. It's always possible your task killer is to blame too.
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