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3 must have apps


Dec 4, 2009
I sold my N97 today because I want to get a Droid / Milestone (the phone I have been waiting for since basically a year).

1. I live in Thailand (but I'm German) and will get the phone in Germany next week. Will I be able to buy apps in the Android market? (I have a German credit card if that helps and I can't buy apps in Thailand).

2. So far I have read many positive reviews about Cinema to use as media player. What is what VLC is for the PC on Android? Is there a "best" media player? Usability comes second for me. I just don't want to convert lots of media but just push it to the sd and watch it.

3. Can you list 3 of your most used / must have apps?

Thanks guys, can't wait to enjoy the OS I have been longing for!
2. I like Act 1 video player. It's a buck; but it works great.

Newsrob (free) - Google Reader app. It has offline caching.
MixZing Lite (free) - Music player; it has a "Genius" feature, which recommends songs based on the one you're listening to.
PhoneMyPC ($5) - Remote desktop app. Has multitouch. I like it better than the other RDP clients bc it doesn't log out on the pc; and the resolution stays the same.
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So many...

Astrid is great for lists if you are as organized as I

Google Sky Maps is probably the best "WOW" app for android

Listen is a GREAT podcast app that downloads right to your phone (it's ad supported though)

Locale is great for setting conditions with your phone, very intuitive once you play with it for 10 min.
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1.task panel lite-this will allow you to control what programs are open or not. keeps the phones memory high and running smooth.

2.tv.com app-allows you to watch a lot of great tv and movie trailers for free. quite good quality too.

3.music junk-search any song (and you will likely find it), and be able to download it in mp3 format directly to your m.card...free downloads unlike itunes and amazon
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