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8in Android Tablet with 2.2

youre looking at it ALL wrong. I KNEW I wanted a 10" tablet, but the augen GT78 was TOO much to pass up, so I knew the wife was looking for an ereader, that could do a little more, so I found out exactly what she wanted and lo an d behold no nook in the WORKLD would do that, so I bought the GT78, kept ot for 5 weeks while I was "getting it ready for her" and THEN I hgave it to her, the same day I ordered my ZT180

But she doesnt have to set ANYHIHG, just turn it on and go.

it has a BUNCH of books she loves, the internet setup, the medical applications she needed (shes a nurse) AND a blue ray copy of GWTW

bing bang boom I could have ordered almost ANYTHING that day and gotten away with it!
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Excellent!!!! but it will have to wait a little bit, because like I said, she is getting me the Z180 for Christmas, but I may pick it up for her seeing how she is looking for an ebooker as well. The only thing about it is, that I'm not sure of the quality. All the specs look awesome though, we will just have to see what happens I guess. But there is an awesome 10in on www.wirelession.com But its sporting the Freescale CPU 1ghz and 512MB of ram. Already to go for Android 3.0, which was suppose to have came out this month.
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That sounds good, but we need to elected one major guinea pig who does this all the time. We vote on which device for that person to try out, and everyone pitch in to purchase the device. Of course we would need to pick one vendor that we can trust and work with. Of course they would agree because its free advertisement on the forums for them.
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