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A veritable crime wave!

In April the City of Arcadia sent out warnings about recent burglaries, specifically naming my area as one of those being hit. The article outlines what's going on and what the police are doing about it, plus it includes some general safety tips helpful for anyone:


Today, my helper spoke to a woman who'd come to the front door, holding a young baby and asking if we'd seen her orange cat. My helper heard her ask the next-door neighbor the same thing....yet she told my helper that he (my neighbor) had sent her pictures of her cat, which made no sense. She told both people that someone had seen her cat go into their backyards, and wanted to take a look. After we told her the cat wasn't here, she pointed vaguely and said she has signs up, and to call if we see her cat. Having lost a cat many years ago--through an open window whose screen got knocked off when two of my Great Danes had a little disagreement...in the living room--an orange cat, no less, I didn't want to disregard her story altogether, but it did sound extremely suspicious. My helper continued watching her, and she was getting in and out of a car, between walking house to house. We decided to call the non-emergency police number. I did. I gave them my name and address and the woman's description, and less than TWO minutes after we hung up a patrol car was in front of my house questioning her! I LOVE my police department. They've been nothing but amazing in all the years I've lived here. This time. I sure didn't feel that way many years ago when I lived here, and...um...well...engaged in some rather illegal activities (recreational drugs, skipping school). :eek: Funny how time changes things!
Thanks guys. I forgot to say that my neighbor said "no" when the woman asked about seeing her cat--that's why telling us that he sent her pictures of her cat made no sense. Also, within minutes of the police showing up, she and her car were gone--and we don't expect them to be back. :) If she had really been looking for her lost cat, she wouldn't have needed to leave--I know I wouldn't! If Joy Noelle had ever gone missing, even though she was both microchipped AND wore a GPS unit (Whistle) that allowed real-time tracking, the whole f...blanking police force couldn't get me to leave if someone really had seen her in a backyard. :mad:
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We live in an increasingly populated city, along the interstate corridor between Atlanta and Chicago. Most of our crimes are either smash & grab vehicle burglaries, or sex trafficking. No one wants to admit that sex trafficking happens in their community but I assure you: it's there, hiding just out of sight. Finally, we have a District Attorney who doesn't sell "Get out of Jail" cards... if you're caught, you stay for trial and, if convicted, you get a long stay at the barred door hotel.
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We have been having the same kind of crime spree down here, they hit up the Expensive homes like in La Jolla....... they usually enter the house threw a 2cnd story window.
Yep, that's why the police included the second floor in their instructions about locking doors and windows! It's crazy what people will do to help themselves to other people's HARD WORK. Ugh. :mad: Too bad they're not motivated enough to get an education so they can earn a good living themselves. They could channel all that energy they use thinking up, and implementing, burglaries and start earning a decent living honestly. :rolleyes:
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In our neighborhood, they've started smashing car windows and stealing everything in sight. Recently, my neighbors and I had our windows shattered too, and it's just awful. This happened right in the middle of the day in the parking lot in front of our house. It's really crossing the line. Honestly, this criminal spree can't help but stir up emotions. In college, I had to write an article on a similar topic, and I had to choose from several criminal justice research topics because I was quite distant from this issue. But I never thought I'd actually experience it myself. The thing is, the authorities decided to reduce prison overcrowding and increased the threshold for criminal liability. Now you need to be vigilant.
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This is crossing the line.
There's a thin line between wanting to keep your own neighborhood safe and deciding to move to greener pastures. I moved in the past few years partially for just this reason. It's a bit sad but you've got to prioritize your own safety and happiness!
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