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Help about the new 4.0 ICS lockscreen

The problem with Widget locker for me is I need to have media controls in the screen when media is playing and there isn't a widget that works with the stock GS2 media player for the lockscreen, then goes away when media isn't being played.
Tried Go locker and there was some great screens on there that would be perfect, but again no media controls and you tend to get the double locking effect with the stock lockscreen and then huge lag when unlocking to the launcher.

So for the moment I'll stick with the stock lockscreen :(
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To those who said go locker didn't have media
Controls I believe they do now.

But a problem since my s2 update this past week to ics.

? Now my go locker screen is hidden behind stock
Lock screen? I keep enabling go locker buying will
Eventually find the stock one shows up, then after
Swyping to make it go away the go locker one
Is hidden behind meaning a two part lock screen
Opening.frustrating.any ideas?
PS...got a browsing issue too...sigh..
It does not properly fill screen when I am double
Tapping,I have double checked that fill screen
Box is ticked in settings.
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