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Aim app always open!!!!

The AOL INSTANT MESSENGER (AIM) app is always open for some reason.. I see the Icon on the notification bar and it never goes away, even when I sign out of aim.. This is keeping my awake time at 50%.. Besides rebooting does anyone have a fix for this.. I dont download 3rd party task managers and apps because they seem to slow down the performance of the hero.. I think partiallly because it skipped the 1.6 and cupcake builds.. However there is an internal task manager (Applications>Manage apps> Menu/filter by running) but a force stop here seems not to fix the problem... HELP!!!
I used to use the HiAIM Messenger as well and noticed the same thing. I could find a way to mae the icon not show in the notifications bar but the application still runs, so I switched to meebo I'm as my instant m/essengeing app. It can handle multiple accounts from all different instant messewngerd and has a clean UI, I like it much better than the one you're using now
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I understand this isn't the solution were looking for, but it is a solution. I sign into my aim account with my desktop (on ichat) and it immediately prompts me..."you are signed in on another device...if you want to sign out of it...type the number 1 and reply". This will lose the icon on your Hero status bar.
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