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Am done with the Desire. Buying iPhone 4 tomorrow.

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Aug 19, 2010
And I can't wait. Had a full day with one last weekend and spent the last week straining at the leash to have one all of my own.

As a "normal" smartphone user (i.e. one that doesn't need to barrel my way into the Linux subsystem in order to unclock the processorzzzzzzzz) I have found that the iPhone 4 does all that I want and does it better than the Desire.

So, I'll be taking my scratched camera plastic, choppy "720p" *cough* video capture and dreadful battery elsewhere.

It was fun for a while. Maybe I'll be back from time to time (not getting rid of the Desire) and will bore you with stories of how I love my new phone. Or maybe how it sucks and Im using the Desire again.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my posts.
Nice. :)

I already have a nice cover picked out. Maybe I'll take a crystal-clear photo (with the iPhone 4) of the cover so you can see it. Then I'll take a fuzzy photo (with my Desire) of the cover actually on the iPhone 4 so you can almost see what it looks like in place.
Yeah well, have a look here before making a decision!!

Apple - Support - Discussions - iPhone 4
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good decision mate
i could tell from your posts before that you were deep down wanting an iphone. i think you would have found a reason to move regardless as we had already proved the video is about the same.
yes you have hdr images but thats about it.
eitherway its a good phone and at the end of the day its what matters to you and not what others think.

dont lower yourself to slagging off stuff cos you dont understand it.
many people like myself can choose either without an issue (line of work) and i chose the desire due to me feeling that in nearly all cases its a better device.
I dont need face time and i dont need hdr photos
images outside are just fine, iphone 4 are bad in low light too charmone
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Just another Stevie Jobs Sheeple, DON'T forget to pick out a nice little Rubber Jacket for it so you can make and receive calls on the POS!!!! I have had two iphones back in my STUPID days and the only good thing about them was the money I got from selling them on E-bay, double the price I purchased them for, A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE!!!!!:p

I Had two iphones as well. Both broke just over a year into use and I am not hard on my phone (I had an audiovox for 4 years before switching). Done with crapple. Decided to make the switch to Android. Now if I can just decide which phone!
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Have fun having virtualy no control over what you can do with your phone.
Have fun spending a fortune on filling ole Steve Jobs pockets. Just so he can tell you WHAT you must do with your phone.

I remember going into the Vodafone shop to look at the Desire. Then a guy comes in with an iphone that he had had for only two weeks. Thing had conked out on him. I could hardly keep my face straight.

We call iphones Clit phones here. Cause every c**t has one.

You couldn't pay me to own one of those pieces of crap.

HTC, and Android all the way for me.

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