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Amusing Article from British Humo(u)r Site

@bigbadwulff: The site has a very similar mission to the Onion. It's a satirical news site, but in a different format. Keep an eye on that site if you like the Onion.

@Outlaw71: Well, as I said, they usually satirize actual news and, after a quick search, this is unfortunately not an exception.

10 Things you need to know about today's deal between Microsoft and Nokia - International Business Times

How sad. I like Nokia as a company, but I do NOT understand what they have against Android. But hell... Windows Mobile? Really?

I'm willing to bet that this will turn out to be a really stupid decision.
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Could be a good move by Nokia as I believe they will be the only company allowed to customise WM7 so will have something unique but still the app Market of the Windows phones. They apparently considered Android but felt they could not compete in the market due to the influx of smaller companies coming out with cheap phones.

I was always very keen on Nokia before the smartphone revolution. Won't be buying another though.
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