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Amzer screen protector


Apr 17, 2012
I went ahead a month ago and decided to order a screen protector. I decided on the Amerz anti glare from amazon based mainly on the fact that the warps screen has quite a bit of glare in the sun. This is by far the best screen protector i had owned for any phone. The cut of it fits perfect and it does a hell of a job on a sunny day.I some times put my phone in the same pocket as my keys and it has done its job pretty well, its not easy to put a scratch on it but when it does its not too deep. I picked it up for any 6$ or so on amazon. I didn't notice until i got the package that it only came with one cover because i ordered my fiance screen protectors and hers came with three but the Amerz has held up much better than hers. If your looking for a good way to protect your screen and help with the stupid glare i definitely suggest ordering 1 or more of these.

Amzer Anti-Glare Screen Protector Shield with Cleaning Cloth for ZTE Warp - 1 Pack - Retail Packaging - Clear:Amazon:Cell Phones & Accessories


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