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Android 2.2 and Exchange 2010 Active Sync


Oct 31, 2010

I've got the new HTC Desire HD running Android 2.2.
I'm also running an Exchange 2010 server with a GoDaddy SSL certificate. I'm having a problem with downloading attachments and the full email message if the email is over a certain size. The Android is also showing that there are issues with synching contacts (although I do seem to have all of my contact on the phone.) I have been using a Windows mobile and an Iphone 4 without issue. They are both able to retrieve the full email message and are able to download attachments.

I've been searching around the forums and can see that many other people have exactly the same issue. I've not however found any resolutions to this issue. People have suggested that it could be fixed by turning SSL off from the phone which doesnt work for me. Is there a known issue with Exchange Active Sync on the Android? Are there any settings that I might need to change in Exchange to enable this to work?




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