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Feb 7, 2011
Hi, I am new to Android and I have a few questions regarding my HTC HD Desire . Whenever playing you tube videos , it suddenly freezes and comes up with "Sorry cannot play this video " I have used the Dolphin HD Browser but it still happens once in a while . I want to try and download it if I cant watch it but there are no apps for this on the AppsStore (Android) I was using the Youtube free download which worked fine but I lost it when I did a factory reset . Can anybody tell me where I can get it again ? I dont seem to be able to connect it with my laptop via bluetooth even after many tries also. The internet pass thru is another pain I have to disconnect the usb cable many times before its connected. Can anyone help me coz I dont seem to have a clue as to how I am goin to settle this .Thanks a million .


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