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Help Android keyboard software fail? Play store also not working...


Aug 20, 2012
So basically I am running the galaxy nexus on android version 4.1.1
Im no tekky so I need help with this although have tried a variety of solutions.
An error message came up the other day, and continuously comes up every time I unlock the phone or open an app saying "Android keyboard has unfortunately stopped" and the keyboard will no longer come up when I need to write something instead the voice recognition comes up so I can input words that way.
Tried clearing cache & data on android keyboard and the dictionary provider. No luck.
So I tried downloading another keyboard app off play store to replace non working app. This is where the second problem comes in (don't know whether connected with keyboard problem or what but only started happening around the time the keyboard began playing up). But now every time I am on playstore and try to download something the program instantly closes and phone returns to home screen. Tried clearing cache & data of playstore.

Also tried downloading a keyboard app APK file to my laptop and placing it into the phone but could not find the download on my phone anywhere when disconnected to install (although maybe im doing it wrong?)

Am getting tempted now to back up data and then restart phone to factory settings and put my data back on but im not really too keen on trying this as it is a ball ache moving everything on and off and usually problematic too

This is my problem please help!
Welcome to AF, fredlad! I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I am going to assume you are not rooted or running a custom ROM. A factory reset would be the surest way to solve your issues.

If you ARE rooted and have a custom recovery on your device, just booting into recovery and doing a cache wipe would be a good first step, and perhaps you can avoid a full wipe that way.
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Hey guys,

Sorry to revive such an old thread.. I have a friend with the same issue.. I have tried doing a factory reset a few times and after a few weeks the same errors (keyboard not responding, google play errors and such) occur again.. After the reset I'm preforming a software update to whatever the latest build is (not sure what the number is) and the problem still occurs??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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