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Android Market


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Just a few things

1. I wish there was a way you could select apps from the Android Market and have them download to your phone. ( like itunes )

2. The Market is so ugly and not easy to find new application. It needs to be better organized.

3. I love that you can return an app if you do not like it before 24 hours.

What do you think Google can do to make the Market place better?
To circumvent the disorganization of the market I just read threads where people post pics of their home screens and if an app looks interesting I go search for it.

Really I don't think there is anything google can or wants to do about it. It's an open market place so since they took a hands off approach to approving apps, they probably have no way/want to police the apps to figure out where they go best. IMO

I don't find the market place too horrible yet, I just search for anything I want, I try not to browse categories.
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I think there needs to be a desktop program to download/back up your purchases. I don't think the market will ever grow to be as big as Apple's app store until there is something available.

With Apple I had no problem buying apps because I knew if I changed iPhones, or wanted to put an app on my wifes phone all I had to do was sync, not so on the android market. Developers ability to make money is what ultimately drives the app stores. With apple I spent about $250 on apps, android market I have spent <$3.
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I just use androlib.com to search and then use QR codes to get them. Motorola is on the verge of opening their own app store so maybe they will implement the kinds of thing you all want to do. We will have to wait and see. I got a quick peek at it and it looked really good with pics of every app and stuff.
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Like most things, this is a subjective topic. I find the Market to be very cool and handy. I've only had an issue finding one app so far (out of the 110 or so that I've downloaded). Home++ beta can be a little interesting to find, but it's mostly due to people calling it by the wrong name anyway. ;) That, and the fact that there are over 1,600 apps and/or themes with the word "home" in them.
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