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Help Android phone gone completly NUTS


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Jun 3, 2010
The internet
Problems : music pausing, stoping and starting at random shuffling at random (no matter what app ie Pandora slacker default vcl remote music mod etc) voice search activating at random calls hanging up internet slowed baggy etc , the workers at best buy don't know what's up and I'm tempted to burn this thing to fraking refined ash. Phone: HTC evo 2.2 oh and I've tried factory reset SD whipe and nothing is working I'm tempted to move back to the crappy labled atnt
Got it release day not rooted got a task killer after this poped up but no luck still , im thinking its malware from the security issues from the flash 10.1 update ,but im not sure

It did it prior to task killer? It could be the task killer but it soumds like you did that after the problem started. Factory data reset would fix a maleware issue. But do the plwer on while holding volume down method.

Phone has a 1yr warranty. Will best buy replace it? Did u get best buy insurance?
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