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Android Tablet VS NookColor Rooted

Recently a friend rooted his NookColor(NC) and i got to play with it first hand. It was awesome, angry birds is so addictive and i love the sketch book pro he put on it, only with i had the stylus for it.

I was planning on buying an android tablet(Link) but i am not sure now.

What is your opinion? should i get a NC and root it or just get THIS tablet instead?

Obviously there is a huge price difference, and i have a 32gb micro sd, so space isnt too huge a factor. So which should i choose?

Thanks in advance.
There's a reason why some of these cheap tablets are cheap. So be very careful buying these tablets. Search and see if there's any support for these tablets because there may be a time where you will need it and the "manufacturer" or retailer can't help you.
The nook has tons of support so if you need help with something you can get it. I always see people post questions about issues they run into with these cheap tablets and all we can do is give them generic answers that sometimes doesn't work.
Quality is always a question mark with these tablets too. Sometimes they are well built and sometimes they are not. At least with the nook, if you get a bum device you can return it easily and/or you can even buy an extended warranty.
The nook has its hardware shortcomings but its not enough to say its not a great device for the price.
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but if i root a nook wont it void the warrenty? i cant return it if i rooted it, or can i?

It's easy to put it back to stock. But if you mess it up to the point where it doesn't boot, then they won't know you rooted it. :D

But really it's up to you, there's always a concern when rooting any device. I almost willing to bet you if you buy that tablet and sit down next to your friend with the nook...you'll see an immediate difference between the two devices.
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