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anybody impressed w the 2.2 for the D1?


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Jul 2, 2010
Just wanted to know if anyone is "impressed" witht the 2.2. I forced it. I personally have not seen a difference. My phone laggy still. Perhaps......it is the home screen app I am running(TagHome 2.8). I also use WidgetLocker(it allows me to widget lock screen,like a weather widget and different slide etc)and Dialer1(sometimes that is draggy).

I have used ProLauncher I think aswell. Havent really gone to the stock droid home screen NOW w 5 pages. I want my phone not to be sooo laggy....could it be those mentioned above. Still new at this droid. Havnt rooted yet....perhaps I need to overclock w root.

After about a week of usage now, I've noticed my dialer (stock) has become extremely laggy. Also sometimes the phone will just "freeze" for 3-4 seconds (the touch buttons don't respond, can't lock screen, can't drag down notifications).

I've been thinking about a reboot, but I'm not sure what the deal is.

I do like the enhancements they gave, but the speed isn't noticeable all the time. Only in certain areas.
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Turn phone off, then turn on and hold x while powering up until the triangle appears. Then press the Camera and Volume Up buttons at the same time. That will take you to the menu. Then use directional pad on keyboard to select the option and then click the gold center button.
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I forced the first day and yeah it took a few reboots but hay I'm streaming my radio in my office, I actually like the new dock, and yeah comeing back from some apps my Launcher pro will lag a little but I'm good with that. I think we have become too much of an instant gratification society, in that when I think about it 6 months ago I didn't want my phone to do anything except make phone calls and maybe have a calculator. I love my phone, I like the upgrades in FroYo. Sure some things can be better, but I'm patient(you learn that in the military). Personally I'd rather wait a few more months for the big G to come out with a good, stable, functional OS upgrade because no matter how bad my 2.2 may be, it's still better than ANY iPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:p:D
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The biggest issue I'm having with the first 2.2 update is that when I leave some apps my icons are gone and don't come back for about 5 seconds. This was behavior I saw in launcherpro, but had never seen in the stock Home app. Hopefully a reboot will fix this.

You need to select "keep in memory" in preferences>general settings. If you use lots of widgets go to preferences>advanced>memory settings>memory settings preset. Then set the preset to high.

By the way, one touch rooting is back on the developer's website. www.unstableapps.com
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