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Accessories Anyone see this?

Jesus could they make this anymore less conforming?

Photos for those to lazy to click the link:



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Ummm.... no thanks.

I had a strong feeling that once I bought Verizons extended battery that I no longer would be interested in Seidio's big daddy, simply because I knew from experience that it would be really big (I had one for my Motorola Q). These pics confirm that, I will glady carry around my stock battery as a spare before I do that to my poor DX.

DroidXCase I don't blame you for a second. The question is... who the hell will make a case for that thing? I guess Seidio may, since it's their baby and all. But hell, I'd hate to see how big a case that would cover that would make the phone.

They should have made a battery and door that stuck out as far as the camera does and go with whatever size that would have been rather than just forcing a 2800 on it. If it only stuck out as far as the camera does they could have made a case that makes the back all the same size. That wouldn't have been bad at all since, even the phone part of the phone isn't THAT thick.

But that thing there.... uh uh.
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