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Root Anyone tried building CM11?

Not expecting much since even 4.2 hasn't been able to boot on the device but I was wondering if anyone's even tried this yet

We haven't even finished 4.1 what gives....thus making 4.2.x and 4.3.x alot harder to finish pretty sure it's been attempted but like I started not much is gonna really find out of the build that is if it even builds
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Yeah we've been trying CM11, but for me it stops building at audio stuff and for PG at video stuff. He told me that his device tree is not ready yet so he doesn't expect it to build yet. Won't build for me either since I'm using PG's device tree.

At the moment I'm writing a guide to show you guys how to set up your build PC and build CM in case you guys want to try and build. I'll have the guide on my website within a couple days.
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Are you joking or serious..lol..can't tell being blind and all..
being sarcastic ;)

If I thought doing cm9 would net any better results I would have done it long ago. ;) But since I dont, I plow forward for the latest & greatest. ;)
Pg is being sarcastic again lol

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