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Root App management entries


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Jun 13, 2011
So I went into my app manager and noticed remnants on apps I had deleted. I was wondering how to remove them. I have deodexed stock market on and I roved the apps via root explorer and cleared both caches in cwm afterwards.


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Thanks for the new thread, I've found two new "problems" but been too lazy to sit down to figure out.

One: a resent upgrade to "G.Mail" I kinda like it, but a few day's after upgrading, the version that GOT updated came back. Every time notifications come, I now have to deal with the OLD version, and the NEW version ???

I'd like to delete the old version, but there's only one to deal with, (scratching my head and slowly backing away from dealing with it, doesn't fix this).

Two: There's a new black bar, at the bottom of my screen, telling me"couldn't open connection" alternating with "can't find the server" that happens when I turn the screen on, then after 30 seconds or so it goes away, as the connection (and bars) arrive, ... but I can't stop it or delete it, where the hell did it come from? I'm running, B09 now.

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I always use Root Explorer to remove files from tha app directory. I did the same this time as I had before and yet this time the leftovers sorta lingered was very strange. i just backed all my stuff up and did a factory reset and reformatted my sd card lol. Sorta extreme but it got the job dine xD. thanks for all the responses.
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