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Apps and Widgets Regenerate

This happens often, but not all the time. I either get out of the lock screen or leave an app and go to the home page, and no widgets or short cuts are there then they slowly re-appear/regenerate.
I go down into the App drawer and no apps are there, they are also regenerating. This big O is there showing that the app drawer is refreshing the apps.

Why is this happening and what can I look at to make it stop happening so often.

So for not being very clear.
This is probably due to a lot of apps working in the background or because you have a lot going on at once. You should try resetting your phone once every few days which is encouraged by phone carriers. Are you running a launcher like nova? Are you rooted running a mod that is making your phone slow? Need more information to diagnose please!
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keep an eye on what apps you might have that keep running in the background. Its usually something memory heavy that hogs the device ram and causes the screen lag.

Yea There are a couple of apps using RAM that I might get rid of. But it is mostly that me not turning of my phone. The last time my phone was off was about 2 weeks ago. The 2 that take up the most RAM right now is Swiftkey and Lookout. I am going to looking into what I can do to stop lookout from using that much ram, about 64MB. And there are a couple of apps using about 4-8MB of RAM that I am considering getting rid that includes apps like Words with Friends and Scramble.
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