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Apps don't recognize active wifi/data connection - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Exynos


Apr 5, 2022
For quite some time apps don't recognize the wifi or data connection on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Exynos.
Messenger is saying "Connecting..."
Facebook is saying "You're currently offline"
Google Photos app has the same problem when trying to backup
I've reported the Messenger and Facebook bugs in their apps, but as normal you never get any response.

Today I saw my wifi lost connection a few seconds to the router while my cabled desktop keeps his connection.
I don't know if this problem is Android 12 or Samsung One UI 4.1 related. My phone is new so I don't need to reinstall it again after its April update. Mostly in general the problem is only a few seconds, but this bug occurs too much
Anyone any ideas? I've submitted Error Reports constantly via the Samsung Members app
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Seems to be recurring problems with the Meta apps, like Fakebook, Messenger, and Instagram. AF has had many posts with users reporting various problems with their apps, for a long time now. Usually with no satisfactory remedy.

Try their services in a browser, instead of struggling to use their apparently malfunctioning and broken apps? I used to sometimes look at FB in a browser, and never used any app for it.
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are you in the US? or abroad? if the latter, we may be speaking apples and oranges but ill throw in my 2 cents..

so i dont have those problems. you need to take your phone to another AP and see if those apps behave the same way. if it was the phone entirely, all of your apps that need access to the internet would do this.

how long have you had the device? clearly you did not have this issue when you first got it, so theres something youve done on the phone or the apps to limit their data. but again you need to get on another AP to test.

most of these types of unique issues are user related. highly doubt there are any bugs on those social media apps causing this issue.
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Sometimes I see a momentary pop up like I'm offline, only in FB, usually when I leave it 'open' and my screen times out. WHen I pick it back up and it's open to FB, I see an offline message, but pull down to refresh, or close and open always fixes it. I always just figured it was FB being a ****

What youdescribe happens to me, most often with my newest devices.

It seems to me that any device I have that is Android 10 or above will stop or delay connection to the internet when the screen times out.

I believe that this is caused by built in battery savings in the devices, and/or settings that I have implemented.
Possibly even something to do with apps that I use Greenify to force stop.

Greenify activates when the screen goes off, and I have the paid version that can control system apps.
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