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Help Apps stealing user data

Does anyone know what kind of controls are put in place to prevent developers from stealing data from the phone? I understand that the market tells you what apps have access to, but what prevents malicious devs from creating trojan-style apps that perform the function, and there's a logical connection to the apps access?

I understand you have to do you research and only install trusted apps, but how do I trust any of the devs in the Market, being that the Market is such an open place (good thing). Thanks for any advice.
When you go to install an app, it will show you what the app has access to. If it's a game, it shouldn't be requiring access to Contacts, Owner Info, etc. Google has a screening process just like Apple to ensure that no abusive apps are put in. Theirs just isn't so commercially backed or critical or everything Apple wants :p
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In the android applications section of this forum there is a sticky that describes the measures taken by google to help prevent this. If I understood it correctly each app has a very distinctive signature to it that can be traced backed to it's creator? And the one instance I heard of information being stolen was a third party banking app where the dev was recording log in info that users had to input. He was BUSTED!
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OMG I just found out about this last night. I was having a problem with Handcent force closing and deleting all my threads so I contacted Handcent and they said it was cause the Antivirus I had D/l'd from the market. They also said there is absolutely no reason to have any sort of Antivirus or Uninstaller Apps on the Android. Then they emailed me again and said they looked into the App i was using and it may have been gathering personal info off my phone, they said they were gonna put a message on the Handcent start up screen!!!!! This is obviously a big deal. Since uninstalling yesterday i've noticed as drastic change in my DInc's performance and Battery. Guess i just didnt know better, this is my first Droid!
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