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Root [AT&T] S4 Liquid Smooth/ TWRP/ Gapps

I have a S4 that is rooted. I used goomanager to flash the new liquid smooth ROM to my phone. I just flashed the gapps and did a back-up restore for my settings through titanium. I now get errors to the point where I cant even use my phone.

The 1st error I get is com.android.phone has stopped working - when I press "ok" it keeps going into the same error message loop and sometimes I will get an error message that says android.process.media has stopped and also com.google.process.gapps has stopped.

I was planning on rebooting my phone into twrp recovery and reset to factory settings and start all over again. I think the restore from titanium caused my issue - non-compatible settings is my guess.

The power button does not work because of the never-ending errors. I yanked the battery and replaced it to try the "power/ volume up and home key" method - that didn't work. Im out of ideas.

Im stuck and need some help.

Right now, my phone boots up fine into the liquid smooth ROM - once the splash screen animation is complete - the errors start. I didn't have these issues until I ran the restore from titanium.

Help :-(
Hi jsanseverino, and welcome to AF :)

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you tell us which sort of S4 you have (country and network will probably be enough)? You'll get your best help in the device forum, but because there are differences between say a Verizon S4 and and international GSM model we have separate All Things Root forums for those. If you can tell us which model you have we can get the thread moved in order to get you the best advice.

I think you are probably right that you restored something incompatible from Titanium. What I don't understand is why you can't get into recovery. However, I don't know Samsungs, which is why I think it's best we seek help from other owners.
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