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Root attempting to flash rom, UPS died, phone partially bricked

so i was updating the rom on my phone (boost galaxy s2 flashed to cricket, rooted) and my silly UPS decided to completely power off while odin was doing its thing.

needless to say, im now faced with the 'firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies and try again'.

kies doesnt detect it but i am able to see the phone in Odin with a yellow com port.

i backed up my phone like a good boy, so all is not lost i hope. problem is i cannot get into recovery or download mode.

phone is mode sph d710bst by the computer, sph d710 under the battery. was on 4.0.4, dont care if i lose data (all backed up anyways).
I've had this issue as well. The only thing was i was able to get into download mode while recovery was borked haha. Needless to say i had to flash 9 times el26 cwm just to get the kernel to go in and it wouldn't it get to that part and say fail!.
After using gb27 no data i kept forcing it to go in till finally after my 12th flash it got past the kernel and went on to hidden.IMG i know how you feel :p
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