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Automatic Backup

There's a couple of things you could try...

Menu > Settings > Privacy > Backup my data & Settings > make sure the box is checked.

Turn off the phone and remove the battery. Check the SD card is seated correctly by removing and reinserting it. Replace the battery and restart the phone. The SD card will be 'prepared' for use by the phone which may restore normal operation.

I don't know any other tricks, but this is what I'd do.

Otherwise, there are apps for manually backing up data on SD card and PC.
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Well, I clicked 'properties' to see when the files in the 'back up' folder we last changed, and was 06:08 this morning. The error message seems to appear during the night - it looks as if settings are being backed up, but something happens during the night! And this has only happened since Vodafone raped the phone and passed its viruses (360 whatever that is) on.
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