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Root Backing up via Bootstrapper vs ROM Manager...

Ok so I know both Bootstrapper and ROM Manager are Koush's babies. When I use Droid X Bootstrapper and make a nandroid in clockworkmod, is that essentially the exact same thing as going into ROM Manager and clicking 'Backup Current ROM'? I've done both, and they seemed to do pretty much the same exact thing. So, is one preferred over the other? If so, why?

Also, when you make a nandroid, does it overwrite the last? I had read that any nandroid made before the update would be of no use after the update since the kernels are different. So after making my latest nandroid I went into Root Explorer and tried to find any old nandroids (I know I'd made at least 3 or 4 over the months) on my SD card, and delete them since they weren't needed anymore... but all I could find was my current nandroid, and the back-up I made on ROM Manager.

Does this mean when you make a new nandroid, your old one disappears? Or do I need to keep digging to find them?
when you make a new backup, it does NOT overwrite the old one. they should be in clockworkmod/backup. if not, i think they somehow disappeared, but yes, it's correct that any backup made before .340 is no longer usable (as of right now). in the future, there may be a way to roll back the bootloader, and then use those backups. but, i know i wouldnt go back to the old one even if i could, so i just deleted all my old ones.

and yes, making backups with ROM Manager and Clockwork is the same exact thing. ROM Manager is just a user interface that commands clockwork to make the backup, so you can use whichever you like better. one is not necessarily better than the other, some people just find rom manager eaier, because you can just go in and start the process before ever rebooting the phone.

when you go to rom manager, and select Manage and Restore Backups, does it only list the one in there? if so, the other ones are gone, unless you somehow moved them to a different folder. Both ROM Manager and Clockwork save them to the same folder. if you do see the others in there, you can delete them right from the app. just tap the file, then tap delete.
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when you go to rom manager, and select Manage and Restore Backups, does it only list the one in there?

Wow, duh... you just hit the nail on the head. I had gone into 'Manage and Restore Backups' in ROM Manager and deleted the old ones in there. But I was thinking those were just the backups I had made in ROM Manager. So then I went into Root Explorer, in to the Clockworkmod Backups folder, expecting to find the nandroids I'd made in Droid X Bootstrapper in there.

Guess I had already deleted them in ROM Manager. What a douche (me, not you), ok I got my head on straight now. Thanks for showing me the way my fellow rider!

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haha. i would hardly call you a douche. you help a lot of people here with a lot of stuff. it is super easy to get confused when there are two totally different ways to do the same thing. i totally understand how you could have made that mistake in your head. i'm certain you're not the first person to not fully make that connection, and i'm even more certain you wont be the last.
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