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Help bad sd card??

Yeah, that's a little bit of weak sauce for them to do that...although I'll bet you are not the first.

Yes, class 4 is faster than a class 2. Didn't really know what the differences were, but this link has a pretty good summary of speed comparisons amongst the different classes:

Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is an excerpt from that page:

Speed Class Rating

The Speed Class Rating is the official unit of speed measurement for SD Cards, defined by the SD Association. The Class number represents a multiple of 8 Mbits/s (1 MB/s), and meets the least sustained write speeds for a card in a fragmented state.

These are the ratings of all currently available cards:

Class 2, 2 MB/s
Class 4, 4 MB/s
Class 6, 6 MB/s
Class 10, 10 MB/s

Give 'em a call and ask them if they'll give you a class 4 one instead. Can't hurt.

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I thought that the cards that came preinstalled in these phones were a class 2... At least that is what is in mine.

I do think you are right. There was discussion right before launch last year as to what class card would ship. I think the consensus was a class 2 card. I've never pulled mine to look at it though...
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