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Best tablet choice - must support video chat.


May 20, 2011

I new here and pretty new to Android and tablets.
I have a WPDN I rooted and I use it mostly to read with.
My real reasons to change are 2:
I really want a bigger screen.
I REALLY want to be able to video chat with my 2 daughters (at the OTC).

I have read a few discussions but there is so much info such as,
this app doesn't work well on that unit etc. - it's hard to digest it all.

So I am asking you guys who have really checked the various units out.
What is the best bang for my buck? (Cost important - 3 kids in college).

Any other tips you have feel free to chime it
EG - "wait for the next version of ____" etc.

Thnx very much!
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