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Better memory and a rom?

Hit Me

Dec 17, 2010
When lurking a few weeks ago after my brother gave me this Sprint Hero, I saw a thread about some sort of memory application that gave you lots of unused memory without using the SD card. I searched but can't find it now. It will be months before our plan can upgrade for free or a very small fee so i want to use this phone until then.

Does anyone know what app this is for the memory? The rom of the phone is well, not sure. It is rooted but there are a few rom zip files on the SD card.

Anyway what is the most popular Hero rom now?
Should I install the memory mod first? On the xda link it says to download FR-recovery-v1.5.3-CustomMTD_S.zip and FR-boot-v1.5.3-CustomMTD_S.zip BUT on the xda linked page for those files I don't see them. Do I get the FR-recovery-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip and FR-boot-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip files instead?

Can I keep the recovery image my brother put on this phone or do I need to replace it to use gingerbread and this memory mod? I have done some of this with friends on their phones (just helping and exploring, not the mastermind) so it's not all foreign to me but I am still a noob! The recovery file my brother has on the SD are the 1.6.2 recovery image.

Oh - where do I find the actual file to download for the gingerbread ROM? I don't see it on the OP section of that link. Is it buried somewhere in the 500 pages of the thread? Oh noes!
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