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Help Birthdays wrong


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Jul 3, 2010
I just noticed this on my desire HD running stock sense 3.0/2.35 and also a wildfire s on sense 2.1/2.35

In the contacts you set a birthday in the edit contact and save. But the date that is displayed afterwards when you scroll down to view the contact data always shows the day after that which was set.

This is unrelated to facebook or syncing as i tested this on standalone unsynced contacts and the wildfire s which has no FB account on it. It happens whether the contacts are set as phone or google. So if google is used and you set the birthday on there it still appears wrong on the phone.

Oddly when you go back in to edit contact it still has the correct date.

Is there a fix for this, and is HTC even aware of the problem?
I've been meaning to ask this too - I'm experiencing exactly what you describe and, if I check the dates on my PC using Gmail/Contacts, they are correct there too. I wonder whether it's a date/time issue, but I believe all the settings are ok. If it's relevant, I'm in the UK and don't have a Facebook account (although I used to have one).

As a related question, and I'm sure I must be missing something obvious, is it possible to get birthdays from some or all of my contacts to show up in my calendar/agenda? When accessing my Google calendar from my PC, I can select a calendar called "Contacts' birthdays and events" which does exactly what I want, but I can't find an equivalent on my Desire HD. My workaround has always been to set up annually recurring all-day events, but it's not ideal, especially when Google's desktop calendar can do it all properly.


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HTC Wildfire s on Sense 2.1 Android 2.3.3
I have the same problem. In the contact the birthday shows a day late, but in the calander it shows the right date. When I go to edit the contact, it shows the right Birthdate! Sa soon as I hit save the veiw change the date to the next day!! This is just weird!!

I use DW Contacts & Phone, It's fantastic. The Birthday problem shows up on both phone applications Default (HTC People/Phone) & DW

I'm in NZ. I went to my service provider and they never heard of it. Just gave me the dumb look and said they can send the phone back.

Please Help!
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