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Help Black Screen on Galaxy S2 I9100


Jul 4, 2013
Hello to everyone. I'm new in the forum so if I placed the thread in the wrong section, I am sorry and please move it. So recently I have bought a brand new Galaxy S2 (Factory Unlocked) and I've been following every step of the guide to charge it and everything else. Today I was outside and I used it and everything was okay but when I got back and pressed the power button to open up the home screen nothing happened. I tried pressing the home button but again nothing. I thought that the battery is over because I forgot to turn off WiFi and connected it to the charger and waited it 2-3 minutes and then tried to start it but nothing again. It doesnt even show me that the battery is charging or any kind of screen. I took out the battery and surveied it with the multimeter and everything seemed okay (It had showed 3.6V) and then I put it back again. And after I putted it back again I holded the power button and the phone turned on normally. So tomorrow I will take it to the service because I had bought It 2 weeks ago and it has 2 years warranty. So what are your suggestions, anybody else had this problem too, and if yes, what is the solution?
P.S. - The Android version is 4.0.3, I had not updated it or connected it to the computer since i had bought it.


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