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Root [Boost Mobile] [GUIDE] Zte Warp swap (for extra RAM )


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Jul 25, 2012
Baltimore, Maryland
Ok so this is our official zte Warp swap walk through.. ( Requires Root)

You need to be using a swap supported kernel

First install 2 free apps from the play store. Links at bottom of op
* swapper 2
* android emulator

When you open swapper 2 press menu then settings and click swap place. You need to change the word sdcard to data in the swap file. Leave the rest the same.

It should look like this- /data/swapfile.swp

Now set the swap file size to what you choose (I use 256)

Now set swapiness to what ever you choose (the higher the number the more the phone tends to use swap.) I've been using between 60 to 100.

Now press back and hit the on button at the top of the screen 2 times. It will say please wait and it will say failed a few times but it's not done until it says all done.

Now your good to go and to check and make sure it's functioning open android emulator and if it says anything other than 0 next to swap then your good. The number it says will depend on the size of your swap file.. Also if the emulator does not show you your memory when you enter "free"] then you need to update your busy box on your phone. You can use the free app busy box installer. Link posted below. I used version 1.19.4

I will post a screen shot of what it says when it's done.. And what it should look similar to on android emulator When you check to be sure it's on and working. And of Busybox installer with the version I used.



Notice the first time I typed in free it says 0 next to swap because I didn't have my swap file turned on... And the second time my 256 swap file was turned on..


*Download links
Swapper 2- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lv.n3o.swapper2

Android emulator- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jackpal.androidterm

Busybox installer- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.busybox.installer

The TEAM GLITCH KERNEL - http://db.tt/J4qDdT5E

* be sure to clear both caches and fix permissions when flashing a new kernel!!

***And let thanks be given to downthemachine for being the first to produce a swap supporting kernel for our Warp(THE TEAM GLITCH KERNEL )

Now your good to go.. Don't forget the thanks button!
Yes it's similar to having a partition that's dedicated to be used as extra ram.. But it's a file not a partition. And it is faster and safer because by placing the file in data its using system memory not constant read/write to your sd card.

Shinjitsu beta3 is currently set to support swap.. And any other rom that has downthemachines kernel at this time.
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ok i got a question. is in the advanced settings, is swap partition, reformat swap and the other one supposed to be checked or not???

You should leave advanced how it is.. Keep it as a swap file not a partition. Recreate swap and reformat are both checked on mine. And they were already checked so I left them that way
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