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Root [Boost Mobile] Stock Browser... for the love of god.


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Dec 9, 2012
K- I assure you have used search functions on this site as well as others (XDA google etc.), stock browsers seem to be phone specific in terms of which permissions are to be used and so on. I tried a backup of the stock android browser from the stock rom. I put it in the correct folder and tried rw-r-r, rebooting to no avail. I have tried for the last week to get this fixed.

I dislike all these off brand tepid browsers that offer all sorts of stuff but can't just get the core stuff I want done. I want my stock browser!!!!

Can anybody please help me with a copy of a for sure working APK and odex file including permission settings and clear instructions on how to install it. I know this sounds stupid, but apparently this is beyond my scope of comprehension though I can do a million other things with this phone.

If it is of any help I am on the latest n00b rom.

Thank you in advance.
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I got it to show up and it installed, I fixed the permissions FC's. I used the browser from CTMod, and used the APK insteller to no avail although the alarm clock worked fine *shrug*? I guess I'll try clearing data, fixing permissions again, and then move on to the browser pulled from the mentioned stock ROM. I'm so frustrated right now. I can't stand not being able to make something that should be so simple just work.
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thank heavens! I'm about to redo my rom and add this in. I had it set up perfect, but then i tried the V6 supercharger script (to solidify my launcher) and it just made my phone turn into dust :( I hope this works because I had no luck with either of the other methods. I appreciate your guys help.

PS- great ROM- fixed sooo many issues I had with the warp. I knew from reviews it was bang for the buck hardware, and if I rooted it I could get it stable. Your ROM was the answer.
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