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Boot fastboot


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May 9, 2017
Is there some way to keep fastboot from showing up unwanted and screwing up a phone? There should be some way to put it in a "box" that can be unlocked only by plugging into a computer. If I could get fastboot's sorry butt out of the way, I might be able to resurrect not one Stylus but two that have been corrupted by that horrible nuisance. It's a bad genie coming out of the lamp and giving me only bad wishes. Let me know if you've had problems with and how (or if) you've solved them.
Somehow it accidentally got switched to fastboot instead of normal. I don't know how to get it back to just regular. It did that not long before Christmas. It was crashing a lot and then it just got stuck. Now if I plug it in it shows charging and then goes into just the beginning of a bootloop, almost as if it's having a seizure. Sometimes it's very hot. I unplugged it to keep it from being damaged. Almost the same thing happened to another Stylus last summer. I was on a call when it somehow launched into fastboot and I haven't been able to salvage it either. I suspect part of the problem might be that the power and volume buttons are on the same side of the phone, and part might be that awful dished out power button instead of a convex one as it should be. It's too easy to slip off that and maybe inadvertently set off the fastboot combo. If I can ever get that thing back to normal, is there some way I can lock down fastboot to prevent that from happening again?
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No, there is no way to prevent the phone entering the bootloader (and fastboot is one of the bootloader modes). But to get out of it you should just have to reboot the phone. Fastboot isn't a toggle that you set and stays set, it's something that you select as a one-off when rebooting.

There are only 2 reasons I can think of why the phone would keep booting into fastboot mode without you selecting it (by pressing some key combination or using an ADB command to boot into that mode):

1) you have a button stuck, so that the phone thinks you are pressing the button combination to boot into fastboot mode whenever you reboot it (I've known this happen, e.g. with HTC you would just boot while pressing "volume down", so if the volume down key got stuck the phone would always boot into fastboot mode).

2) the system software is so corrupted that it can't boot into anything else.
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I'm hoping the correct answer is 1. Even if it is, how do I get out of it? I have never deliberately used fastboot and I sure don't want it now. I think that horrible concave power button might have caused it somehow. I want to get out of fastboot and stay out of it, at least for now.
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