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Brexit tomorrow! Yes or no?

I believe Britain should have stayed with the EU, because of the following:
  • Britain is one of the largest contributors to the EU, by leaving it would cause certain economic instability in Europe and to Britain itself (both in short-run and long-run)
  • By leaving the EU, Britain would still have to observe EU trade regulations (contribute to the budget and accept the free movement of people [Economist]) regardless, in order to maintain foreign direct investment and because half of its exports goes to Europe
  • Some advocates of leaving the EU say it would make trade easier with the rest of the world - but that is uncertain because EU has dozens of trade pacts that Britain would need to replace, and since it would be a smaller overall negotiating partner, they probably wouldn't have much leverage
  • At the end of the day, even if they can leave the EU they can't leave Europe; and to think that what happens in the region won't effect them as well is a fallacy. Britain should work with the German and French economies to help counterbalance each other so they can all share in the good times, and if the EU is falling they can work together
Unfortunately they have voted against staying, and futures are already showing the Dow down -679.00 (-3.79%) http://money.cnn.com/data/premarket/.

This will be one of the great economic experiments of our time.
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