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Root Bricked Optimus V


Jul 23, 2011
I have a very new optimus v. I rooted with gingerbreak, got superuser, busy box, and rom manager. I then flashed clockworkmod, downloaded aospCMod for VM670 on rom manager. I moved it to the root of my card, I chose to flash rom from microsd card, and somehow, the aospCMod booted up, after a couple tries of lg screen, then black, backlit screen with no text, take the battery out, retry. On the third try (I think after I put the rom in the root of the card, it wasn't there before) the rom booted up, after the lg screen, there was a red lg screen, and it booted into gingerbread. I was surprised how easy and simple, and felt lucky, like it was a fluke. I then saw that people prefered Backside IHO for VM670, for (supposed) better battery life, and more current updates (2.3.5 for Backside IHO vs 2.3.4 for aospCMod), so I followed instructions for how to switch roms, made a backup, that I think was a crappy backup, as in it just had boot mb, as some of my other backups were missing all the system mb, and just had 7 mb for boot. So it would go into lg screen, then go black. then, if i would press the camera button, the lg screen would come up again, then sometimes it would briefly show the red lg screen then go black and be unresponsive. Nothing. I tried plugging it in to a library computer to change the files, but there wasn't sufficient access to install the driver. Now it is totally unresponsive, even to the power button. I'm going to get a microsd reader for usb, and hope I can mod the microsd card. Will try plugging it in to see if the battery is dead or what, but very annoying. aospCMod was great! Just anything over 749 mhz would cause the phone to reboot, and angry birds would freeze, and close. Made me think I had a lemon, as other people have reported overclocking to 806 and 778? no problem. A couple times 749 would reboot. Now I've got a paper weight, and a $125 lesson. Or maybe its salvagable, but I'm pretty sure I will need to use a computer, or visit a pro, as I don't have a computer. ( I sold my laptop for $30, because I was traveling, and didn't want to cary it anymore.) An old computer store guy said that was all he would give me (a rip off), but I didn't really care cause I didn't really want it and was ok for money.

Ah well, I haven't seen anyone experience stuff like this on their optimus v, and it was weird the aospCMod worked, without any recovery screen coming up, just out of a black screen.
What version is your original OS? Is it 2.2.1 or 2.2.2. Some of the 2.2.2's were shipped with the Optimus "S" screen causing black screen when changing to a Custom ROM. I'm sure that if you go to the BACKside ROM's Thread and look on the last page you will see a short discussion on the "S" screen and the links to how to have a Gingerbread ROM that will work,plus the recovery that will work for it. I'm using my phone so I cant leave a link. Go to posts 762 and 770.
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Can you get into the recovery by pressing the home, volume down and power button at the same time until the lg logo disappears?? If so, I would try and install the ROM again even if it is the aospcmod. (don't forget to wipe the cache and format). But like AndyOpie asked, if it came with 2.2.2, you may have the Optimus 'S' screen. You'll need to follow the instructions with that here.
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