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Root bricked phone


Jul 16, 2013
ok have mucked up and now have a phone that goes to white htc screen. can get into hboot screen and shows as unlocked. cant find a ruu file as virgin and 3.513.X.x. have made goldcard and added PD98IMG.zip with relevant bootimage flashed. but still white screen. adb only seems to work when phone just switched on then phone reboots and adb devices finds nothing. is s-on . have read so much and tried so many things.

at a loss now, any help or direction appreciated
Do you have a custom recovery. You won't be able to flash a ROM otherwise.

If you do, look for an option to disable or toggle signature verification. That will let you flash the ROM. You need to do a factory reset before flashing a ROM.

For RUUs, you cannot downgrade to an older firmware than you currently have. That's probably your problem there - you need a more recent RUU. If you remember what you were running, please tell us - I don't know this device, but there are people here who will be able to advise on RUUs.
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youre far from bricked if all youve done is flash a custom rom.

as hadron said,look for a siginiture verification in your recovery. once you find that,youll need to flash the rom,then install the boot image manually since youre still s on.

this guide is for the rezound,but the concept is the same,you need to pull the boot image from your rom and flash it in fastboot: http://androidforums.com/rezound-all-things-root/499172-how-manually-flash-roms.html#post3933400

failing that,you can get around the ruu's main version error by flashing this zipfile in recovery. it will set your main version to a generic http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=23169557&postcount=4

if your gold card is correctly made,you can flash any ruu at this point. if you get cid/mid errors,your gold card is not corrrect. in this situation,youll just need to find an older ruu that matches your cid/mid. i.e. something older with the 351: x.xx.351.x

you will need to re-lock to run an ruu( fastboot oem lock )

hope that gets you sorted :)
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As Scotty asked, what recovery are you using? You need to make sure it's compatible with your phone and not corrupted (hence the suggestion that you check the md5). Like ROMs, recoveries are built for specific phones. From what you describe it sounds possible that there's something wrong with your recovery. If you can give a link to where you downloaded it from that might help.
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you can find the new hboots on htcdev when you start going thru the unlock process. there are a couple linked in the htcdev guide: http://androidforums.com/desire-hd-...-how-unlock-install-recovery-root-htcdev.html

since youve successfully installed a wwe ruu,id think you could get that one to install. you may need to update first to a newer build,im not sure if the new hboot will boot the old rom. the newest wwe build is 3.12.405.1 you can find .zip and .exe versions here: Shipped ROMs
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