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Help Broken Galaxy S2 I9100.

Hi all, I hope i have the right category with this post

I own an S2, as described in the title. This was crashing in commonly used apps such as trademe app, etc. Then phone froze and i forced off the phone. upon turning on the phone it then powered on asking me for a "password" to enter the internal storage. When I powered down the device again the menu and back keys were highlighted and the screen remained blank, this happened for at least 2 minutes and then powered off completely.

I now cannot see any battery logo when power plug is in

I now cannot power the phone on at all, please note the battery was at 90% charge when this all happened.

I cannot enter any odin, download or safety modes

I assume, there is something very wrong with the physical aspect of the phone and not just the software side.

I have an extended warranty on my phone and I am sure I can get this resolved through the seller, however I have misplaced the "original" battery shield from the phone - would anyone know where I can find a replacement for this before I send it in?

Any suggestions or thoughts on the entire content of this post is warmly welcomed, even if it is just to reiterate what i already suspect.


Drew, Android_Droid


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