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Help Browser very laggy after 2.0.1 update?

I had a lot or problems with my droid, yesterday before the install i remove ATK and a battery monitoring app and my droid got significantly better, after that I installed 2.0.1 and it's flying. I'm wondering if this is issue is caused by some other APP bogging down all the phone in general and not 2.0.1 - browser..
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It could be caused by another app, but it sounds like a lot of us seem to have that same app. Ive cleared cache and rebooted with no help. After work i might try restoring phone to factory to see if that helps. If someone is willing to do this before then we would be pretty thankful, if not i will post my results. Atleast the virtual keyboard no longer pops up the letter making you think it got it but doesnt actually insert the letter, that was my biggest complaint.
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